Anchor Lodge No.41 Knights of Pythias

On the evening of September 9th the Knights of Anchor Lodge No.41 met at the Eastport Youth Center. Doors were unlocked at 5:00pm for all attending knights. The attending Chancellor Commander Ralph Polk, Vice Chancellor/ Secretary Rick Green II, Acting Master at Arms Dennis Polk, Acting Master of Works Dennis Polk, and Grand Lodge Officer Ernest Rice Domain of Maine. Chancellor Commander Ralph Polk opened the meeting in ritualistic form at 7:15pm lodge business was dispatched quickly Secretary Rick Green was escorted by Acting Master at Arms to the candidate which he examined and the reported to the Chancellor Commander he had passed . Rank work was started at 7:45PM soon after that William Buehner Earned his Rank of Page in the Pythian Knight Hood. Earnest Rice reminded all members in attendance that Grand Lodge Officers Domain of Maine are visiting Anchor Lodge No.41 September 22nd. Chancellor Commander reassured that there will be a luncheon served that night for the visiting officers and requested that members bring something to be enjoyed. The Knights of Pythias of Anchor Lodge No.41 Eastport Maine would like to announce that our building that has housed the Knights is up for sale.


If interested please contact Rick Green at 904-7663. If you are wanting to join our band of Pythian Knights please contact Rick Green at 904-7663 to obtain a application of membership. Our next meeting will be September 22nd at Eastport Youth Center doors will be unlocked at 5:30pm