Town News

Sally Doten


Another week has gone by, and it’s time to tell you all of the excitement in Baring. Put on your thinking caps and try to recall the following:

Does the name Charlotte Robinson mean anything to anyone? Edith Colson found a plaque in the Baring Baptist Church with Charlotte’s name on it. The year was 1903. I am sure no one is still alive from that era but thought possibly the name could be a family name and familiar to my readers. Put on your thinking caps and give me a call.

The second thing is how many remember the last Baring Bridge that connected us to Upper Mills, NB? How many can remember when it burned? On Friday I received a call from Mary (Harper) Pulk a former resident of Upper Mills and now living in Pembroke. We rehashed many memories about the good ole’ days.  On a warm August day in 1958, the bridge became the main attraction as it burned and dissolved the neighborhoods of Baring and Upper Mills.  These two little towns shared the bridge and friends. We were one community, the bridge was just another street. Mary and I are the same age and could recall many of the kids that crossed the border several times a day to play ball or just ride bikes. I think Upper Mills suffered the biggest loss on that day. You see now there is only one way in and one way out of the tiny town that is now in some disrepair.

Upper Mills can only be reached by a road through Milltown, NB. and once you get there you leave the same way. This has discouraged many people from moving there and more are leaving. Many homes have either burned or been torn down. The home of Herb and Effy Johnson, once the prettiest home with peonies surrounding the open porch, is now without the porch or peonies. The Nicholson home where 6 kids grew up is now gone; given over to years of neglect. The community of Upper Mills has suffered for 60 years with the loss of that little wooden bridge.

One of the things both Mary and I revived was the daily excursion of a cow that belonged to Otis Doten. The cow originally belonged to “Itchy” Montgomery and didn’t like living with the Dotens. As soon as she got herself untethered from a small rope, she would wander back to Itchy’s. You would see one or the other owners taking her to the correct barn. Those, my dear readers, are truly the days that formed  me into the person I am today. A simple way of life with laughter and love.  Thank you, Mary, for the call and the recollections.

On Friday I enjoyed lunch with classmates at the Wickachee. We went to meet Gloria Howland Taylor who was in town for a few days. Earl and Patsy Hill, Heather and Carl Ross, Coburn and Norma Wallace, Carole Smith, Edna Baker, and I had a great time and loved the food. Gloria doesn’t always make it to class reunions so this was the reason for the mini get-to-gather. Many smiles and stories were shared.

Have a great week. Special thoughts today go out to: Verna MacKechnie, Zach Gillespie, Phil Gibson, George Metta, and Carol Marden.  To three of my grandchildren, Dale Wunder, Alex Doten, and Jamie Wunder have wonderful birthdays this month. You are loved.


Just one more thing I need to do: Hi to Eddie Noddin. He hates having his name in the paper but I thought he deserved a great big HELLO. So with that being said, HI, Eddie Noddin.