Bike Maine Was Well Connected Down East

Wireless Partners, LLC was proud to be a major sponsor of the BikeMaine 2016 ride. Wireless Partners is the sole provider of wireless service for this event throughout Down East Maine.  Riders and BikeMaine’s staff have WiFi service via Wireless Partner’s new 4G LTE Cellular network during this weeklong event making it a much more accessible event to other parts of the state, country and the world.

The 345+ mile bike trek happened over seven days which began on September 10, 2016 and ended on September 17, 2017 with more than 400 riders are participating.  BikeMaine’s Event Director, Zach Schmesser, commented, “This is the first time in 4 years that riders can connect with friends and family which further supports the mission to advocate to visit new communities such as DownEast.  Additionally, we are thrilled to be supported by Maine based companies such as Wireless Partners and all of the communities that we are visiting in DownEast”.

Wireless Partners President & CEO, Robert Parsloe said, “Wireless Partners is once again demonstrating its commitment to Down East Maine.  Not only have we provided service at all of the encampments, 90%+ of the course has coverage from Wireless Partner’s Cellular service.  This is a great example of folks being able to share their experiences from the ride, make calls to their families and be connected to the rest of the world even in remote parts of Maine.  Being able to connect is what will help increase the tourism economy.”

Gale White, The Chairman of the Lubec Economic Development Committee, hailed both BikeMaine and the new 4G LTE Cellular service as key steps towards economic growth.  “Wireless Partner’s 4G LTE Cellular service supports both the local business community and the tourists that visit by providing great Verizon Wireless cellular coverage and fast broadband service.  Tourists need to remain connected just as they are at home and businesses now have access to better broadband and cellular service”.  “Visiting or conducting business DownEast no longer means being disconnected”.

In September of 2015, Wireless Partners launched its 4G LTE cellular network and broadband Internet for Down East Maine in support of Verizon Wireless and was hailed by business and community leaders as well as state and federal elected officials for its efforts to enhance communications in an underserved area. 

The company’s support of this event is yet another example of its commitment to Maine.


ABOUT WIRELESS PARTNERS, LLC - Wireless Partners is a trusted, proven provider of carrier-grade wireless telecommunication solutions. We design, build, own and operate advanced 4G LTE cellular networks for unnerved and underserved rural markets. Today, Cellular Communications is an essential utility of everyday life. These essential services support better economic opportunities, safer communities, and provide high-speed broadband Internet access from its reseller partner Premium Choice Broadband.