Grand Lake Stream

Dave McCullough

Finally some much needed rain. Let’s hope a lot more continues as fall comes along!! A favorite activity in the fall for our family is to attend Agricultural Fairs. We will travel a distance to enjoy the many venues which are presented. The guys all like mechanical items so we frequently head to the museum display. The ladies enjoy the crafts and music activities. We all had our annual fill of fried dough. This past weekend we attended the Oxford Fair on Saturday evening where the featured entertainment was the “Charlie Daniel’s Band”! What a great show, what a singer and what a band!  We  had to stand because of the large crowd  but it was worth it. His respect for America was very obvious. Did you know he is 80 years old?

This past weekend was a special focus on outdoor activities in Grand Lake. Here are some reports.

On Saturday, the newly created Tower Hill Trail hike received great reviews from the 12 participants in attendance for the biannual Great Maine Outdoor Weekend.  For more information about hiking trails in the Downeast Lakes Community Forest, please contact DLLT at (207) 796 – 2100, or email  

Our friends at Wagner Timber Management have informed us that they will be closing Little River Road at Towers Brook for the week of September 19 – 23 for road improvement projects.  If you need to access points southwest of Grand Lake Stream, detour on Fourth Lake Road, to Wabassus Mtn. Road, to Third Lake Road.

Now that the new school year has started, I asked the Farm Cove Hermit his reflections on school days. Here is his response: 

SCHOOL DAZE by the Farm Cove Hermit: My teacher sat me down and declared the bad news.  I had flunked kindergarten. However, my teacher gave me a conditional recommendation to enter the first grade.  The condition was that I would not be in kindergarten next year.  Each September when I see the youngsters return to classes it reminds me of my own elementary school years.  How I dreaded each opening day knowing that each new class would be more difficult than the last. It always started with Dick, Jane and Spot.  I was forced to stand up and read about two kids and a mutt who never had any adventures – they just talked.  I asked if I could bring in my comics and read about Captain Marvel, the Flame and Dick Tracey. 

The teacher said arithmetic was my downfall.  She put four problems on the board and picked students to come up and solve them.  No fair because all little girls are very smart.  When my turn came I’d whisper to the girl beside me asking her the answer.  They always said “no” in a loud enough voice alerting my teacher.

Oh, that music teacher was a mean one!  If you didn’t sing out good and loud, she’d whack you with a small stick.  I got whacked a lot.  “Sweet Betsy from Pike” – what kind of a dumb song is that?  I tried to write using “palmar”.  You had to hold your pen and arm a certain way and copy the alphabet.  I also discovered that if you put an aspirin in the ink well on your desk it would foam up and make a neat mess! 

Then one day the principal came to school with blue hair.  It had been always white.  The class picked me to ask her about it. Kids claimed I spent more time in the office than Principal Gately. My biggest stunt involved a 4th grade math competence test. Out with strep throat I missed taking it.  Upon my return I was taken to the teachers’ room, locked in and given one hour to complete it. Trapped, I knew I would fail it.  Unlocking the window I climbed out and ducked around the corner and down the stairs to the janitor’s room.  I explained my dilemma.  He took the test and completed it.  I had just time enough to climb back, shut the window and sit at the desk when Miss Rando appeared.  Several days later she informed me I had failed the test – badly!  I never told my pal the janitor.  At the 6th grade graduation even the principal smiled at me.  Good thing I wasn’t a mind reader.

The Pine Tree Store has tagged 25 bears since the season started and the largest weighed in at 338 pounds. In talking with camp owners around the area lakes I keep hearing that there are lots bears around and frequently they break bird feeders and trample/eat gardens and blueberry field fruit.


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