Town News

Linda Baniszeski

A complete report regarding the Meddybemps Sept. 19 special town meeting, regarding the Eastern Surplus Super Fund site permanent ownership will be included in next week’s Meddybemps news.  The morning of writing this news item, I received an e-mail from Karen Putnam, Lake Meddybemps Association (LMA) President.  My previous reports stands true as published as to the official vote by a majority of LMA members at its annual meeting in July in support of Passamaquoddy Tribe having future deeded oversight of the site. In the following statement, Dr. Putnam indicates LMA has apparently had second thoughts about its position.  Although asked to print a “correction,” I cannot honestly do so as my report was true as published.  There have been no further LMA formal meetings or membership votes after July of which I am aware. One has to wonder when a majority of it membership decided to change its position.  As LMA members, Barry and I were never surveyed for input about LMA reconsidering its direction on this issue after the annual meeting. Nevertheless, here is Karen Putnam’s e-mail to me as received Monday, September 19:

“We would appreciate it if you would print a correction in your next Meddybemps column.  While such a motion was passed at the annual LMA meeting in August, and a committee has created the first draft of a letter of support [for Passamaquoddy permanent ownership] to the EPA to be included in their Eastern Surplus Super Fund Report, it is important to note that our action was based upon the assumption that the town of Meddybemps was not interested in pursuing ownership of the Easter[n] Surplus Superfund site. However, upon learning that there was a petition to the selectmen regarding this issue and that the town would be holding a meeting and vote on September 19th, the LMA has decided to suspend work on the letter until the results of the town meeting are available. If the town votes to pursue ownership of the site, the LMA will reconsider their position on this matter.”  

 As to Dr. Putnam’s above statement as to an “assumption” about the town’s position, some full-time town members in attendance at the LMA annual July meeting voted against the motion as this was the first we had heard of this issue.  Furthermore, when I registered my concern at the meeting that the town did not know about this, I was told, “This is a Lake Association matter, not about the town. You’ll have to take that up with the town.”  Having been thus dismissed, I sat down and later voted no.  The foregoing is an “additional factual” happening at the LMA annual meeting.  I previously chose not to add these details to my LMA meeting report as I did not wish to make it controversial.  I feel it is now appropriate to share these further details and information in an attempt to clarify what is going on here; and why I will “not” make a formal correction, because none is honestly due. Subsequent to that meeting, Barry and I circulated the petition to the Selectmen to hold a special town meeting for the purpose of discussing this important matter.  Our purpose was not to further a special agenda.  It was specifically done so that permanent towns residents are aware of the upcoming EPA decision and have an opportunity to express their positions and have a formal vote directing the Selectmen to represent the long-term interests of the Town.  

 Onto more non-controversial news: Happy Birthday wishes to Ted Ackley and Terry Lord on September 23rd.  US Constitution Day was September 16 -- the day the Continental Congress signed it into law.  On a lighter note, our dog, Scuffy’s birthday was September 12.  She turned five and celebrated with a “Frosty Paws,” dog ice cream treat.  

 Wildlife has been coming, going and traveling throughout our neighborhoods.  While out walking, Jessica Brown saw a bear at the intersection of 214 and 191. Karen Gilbert reports Northern Flickers and Pine Siskins at her feeder this week.  She also saw a pair of loons together out on the lake.  We continue to see our chickadees, doves, crows and a new batch of ducks.  Our familiar ducks appear to have departed.  On the other hand, this new bunch has stopped by -- perhaps on a migration route.  Even the ducks must have a grapevine about the best places to eat.  

 Patti and Rich Lentz are back at their camp by way of Vermont, where they made a stop at Vermont Country Store.  They’ll be here for some time in September and back for three weeks in October.


 Please send your news, wildlife reports or interesting facts to me by September 25 or the morning of the 26th at the latest for inclusion in the September 29th Meddybemps News: or phone 454-3719.