Meet Me At The Charlotte County Fall Fair

By Rob Patry


The 2016 Fall Fair was held last weekend over a two-day period at the Ganong Nature Park.  Attendance was a little lower than expected, but overall it was considered a great success. Saturday’s weather could not have been better, providing sunny, blue skies combined with warm breezes off the water. Sunday was a little more dismal with some showers, but it did not stop the crowds from showing up. As with all Fall Fairs, a large portion was dedicated to the agricultural sector as well as animal husbandry. Diversity in the displays was also highlighted. Civil War, along with Revolution reenactors tented on the grounds, presented marksmanship with 19th century weaponry, food preparation, and historical tales. Canoe and kayak trips were available at the edge of the St. Croix River for young and old. The Navy branch of the Canadian Armed Forces was on hand to discuss the role of the Navy and to exhibit one of their Zodiac inflatable vessels. On hand was a local stone and wood carver showcasing his expertise at Canadian Native construction of birch bark canoes. No stone was left unturned when it came to detail of his work from seasonal picking of woods, naturally-made tree resin, and native artistic impressions carved on the boats.

Equestrian shows, petting zoo, pony and hayrides, face painting, and children’s area provided thrills and fun for all the toddlers. Cupcake competitions, both baking and decorating were crowd favorites. Food played a large part featuring local St. Stephen goodies, market produce, famous fried dough and freshly squeezed lemonade. And what would a fair be without snow cones and cotton candy?  Local bands provided music for adults and children to listen to along with the occasional dancer stepping in. 


Once again, St. Stephen proved to the community it knows how to pull off a wonderful end to summer, the beginning of the harvest season, and the joys of living in the shadow of the St. Croix River.