Linda Baniszeski

Things are relatively quiet out here in the ‘bemps.’  Due to the lack of steady rain and normal water evaporation, the lake level is quite low.  We took our boat out of the water on Sunday.  Not only are the low water levels problematic, but many large rocks are now only an inch or less from the surface in some areas.  Without a good knowledge of the lake it is easy to get into seemingly safe areas, but boats and motors can be seriously damaged by hidden obstacles. We are having warmer than usual September weather and it’s always nice to extend summer as long as possible.  However, with dangerously low water levels, power boating with these conditions is like playing Russian roulette with unseen water hazards. Be careful on the lake and go slow.  On the other hand, conditions are ideal for kayakers and canoers who need not be concerned with wakes and waves created by power boats.  It is ideal paddling during early morning when the lake is often like a sheet of glass.  

 Bridge work continues with the one lane roadway still in place at the site on 191.  The traffic-light system has worked well, even with heavier summer traffic.  Maine DOT must be wanting to get this done as quickly as 191 travelers do.  Construction has gone on six days a week recently.  We can hear the pounding noise of large equipment across the lake.  It can only be imagined how loud and disruptive the construction is for those living near the site.

Happy birthday wishes to Isabella Katherine Thomas who turns 1 year old this month.  She is the adorable daughter of Mike and Sara (Bell) Thomas.  

Best wishes to Bill Abney who celebrates his birthday on September 12. 

Various wildlife have been coming and going through our area.  Black bears have been attracted to wild growing berries and deer families continue to move about.  A large and noisy flock of grackles commandeered our feeders late last week.  We saw an equally huge assembly in late spring.  It would appear we are a rest stop along their route to seasonal winter and summer domiciles. 

Hummingbirds seem to have vacated the area on their way to warmer climates for the winter.  Our chickadees, who bless us with year-round residency, have been eating little critters in our trees and bushes.  Woodpeckers especially appear to enjoy suet.  Although jays and squirrels also do their fair share of making it disappear.   

The foreign ducks and ours appear to be getting acquainted to perhaps migrate together.  We see that with the Canada Geese.  Over the years, we have been amazed as they congregate coming from different directions, and practice together for winter travel.  They create a “vee,” take off, fly around a short while and land in the same place.  At the end of the day they disappear into various directions and reappear the next day. This usually happens here a few weeks before they disappear.  


It was lovely to see lights twinkling at night from most camps around our end of the lake this Labor Day weekend.  Neighbors, Terry and Charlie Rier have enjoyed their camp throughout the summer.  It has been enjoyed by many visiting relatives and out of state friends.  We see that Warren and Lori Leary spent time at their camp this past weekend.  Chris and Mindy (Smith) Brown spent a long-weekend here with their little Pug, Yoda and Puggle, Mia (Pug-Beagle mix) spending time at her mother’s, Tammi Smith, and Terry Reynolds’ homes. While Jeff and Jessica Brown were at the lake part of the holiday weekend. Please send your news to or phone 454-3719.