Applefest Celebrates 19 Years

By Kaileigh Deacon


Saturday was a beautiful day for the 19th Annual Applefest at St. Anne's Episcopal Church. Outside on the lawn was the Flea Market that had many wonderful items for sale from books, to, televisions, to furniture. (Photo by Kaileigh Deacon).

Every fall St. Anne's Episcopal Church celebrates Applefest in its vestry and on the lawn. Each year the fund raiser seems to grow as more people lend a hand and more people attend.

Applefest consists of many small events working together to create the dynamic event. The day starts with a breakfast and continues through lunch until two in the afternoon when the homemade quilt is raffled off. Throughout the day there are a number of activities including a bake sale, Chinese Auction, silent auction, and flea market. 

The nineteen year long event started in 1997 and is a work of love and effort from the members of St. Anne's Church. "Everyone pitches in, in one way or another," Ann McHugh a long time member said.

In recent years St. Anne's had worked to coordinate the event to the same time as when the St. Croix Quilt show and Art along the water front walkway take place.


The event is a big fundraiser for the church and helps with many needed repairs and upgrades around the church including the vestry where the event is held. Applefest is more than just a fundraiser though; it is a chance for people to get together and celebrate fall and coming together to have fun.