Sally Doten


It’s Sunday evening so it must be time to write the news.

I think that this is the time of year when every group is selling cards, wrapping paper, calendar raffles, and anything else you can think of. I’ve been “hit” several times. I don’t mind helping out the kids or organizations, I just wish they would spread it out a bit. I am still waiting for Tina Erskine to call on me.

The leaves are starting to turn which means fall is here. And that means winter is waiting around the corner. I am hoping that corner is a long ways off. The evenings are getting very cool and to prove it, I have my fire place on for a little extra warmth.

Don’t forget the selectmen are planning another town meeting in October. Please try to attend as it is important to know the plans being formed and what we will do about them. 

After posting Charlotte Robinson’s name last week, I learned that she is buried in the Upper Mills, NB cemetery. She died in 1903. You can see information and grave sites on the web site uppermillsnbcemetery.  I found many of the Johnsons (Jim’s side of family) there. It was very interesting. 

Glad to see David Mahar up and around. He had to have a second knee surgery and has been laid up for several weeks. Dave is back driving the pick-up so I know he’s on the mend.

I would like to welcome a new family to Baring,  Keith and Tabitha Ramos and the three boys. Keith is the new manager of the Moosehorn Game Refuge. Welcome to our little village. I’m sure you will be happy here.

As overseer of the Baring Cemetery, I would like to remind families to remove any flowers or memorials from  grave sites. Anything left will be disposed of by the workers. Please have items removed by October 15. I appreciate your cooperation. 

Jeff & Erin Quire with the 3 kids have recently returned home after spending time at Disney World. I looked at all the pictures and I know they had fun; their smiles told me so.

Well, my friends, not much going on in Baring this week. I’ve either got to work harder getting the news or you need to call me. Which will it be? Personally, I would like the phone calls.

See you next week; stay well and out of trouble.