Town News

Sharon Frost


Autumn began last Thursday the 22nd, kind of passed by me. Leaves are changing slowly, animals are gathering food for the winter ahead. Those squirrels and chipmunks have been storing all summer. Hope they don’t forget where it is. They put in a lot of hours.

Time to dig up basil, chives, marjoram, oregano and parsley and grow them inside as house plants.  Keep in a cool, sunny spot.

As I’m out walking, I noticed those fancy turquoise tables by the theater on Main St. They sure show up. A good deed Josh Sivret and  cousin Colin Walters. 

I took a fast drive to St. Andrews last Thursday to celebrate my aunt’s birthday with my uncle. We had a great time, lots of history and growing up days. Carman Eldridge is so knowledgeable at 94. It’s not quite as busy there. I can find a parking space quite easy.

On Friday, a crew of us helped Patsy Beckett cut up apples, make pies and apple crisps to sell at Applefest, which was a great success on Saturday. The outdoor sale was fantastic. It was a cool but sunny day. Many raffles were set up, crafts, food. So much variety. Breakfast was steady, people conversing. At 11:00 a.m. we started serving lunches. It was a great success. We look forward to this joyful day every year and count our blessings that everyone that is able pitch in and help out. Even our Rector, Sara, enjoyed herself, mixing with the crowd, trying on hats and helping where necessary. 

Lisa Fox held a birthday gathering on Saturday for Judy Thompson and Pat Townsend. A very special cake was made by Joni Miller, lots of chit chat. They both received many lovely cards and gifts, a great celebration. A very special cake was made. Lots of chit chat. They both received many lovely cars and gifts. A great celebration.

The Perry Harvest Fair is being held on Saturday, October 1st, get to do your shopping for the holidays. Garden produce to the end of the season, pickles, lunch, music, Barbara’s School of Dance, and friends. A fun day. See you there.

Doug Brackett was the lucky winner of St. Anne’s quilt drawing raffle.

Kevin Spencer in concert will be at the Second Baptist Church on Saturday, October 1st followed by a love offering and fellowship.

James and Starla Dean will perform at the People’s United Methoist Church at 6:30 on October 7th.

A Poor Boy Supper is being held on Friday, September 30th at 5 pm (U.S.) at the Holy Rosary Parish Hall, Union St., St. Stephen. Menu: macaroni and cheese, baked beans, hot dogs, rolls and gingerbread. Free will offering plus one non-perishable food item. Sounds like a feast.

VFW potluck supper on October 6th at 6 pm at St. Anne’s Parish Hall.

Next Sunday, October 2 St. Anne’s Annual Meeting will take place. Please make an effort to be there.


The famous Art and Cynthia Carter celebrated their 60th anniversary. How romantic. God Bless.Birthday wishes: Pat Sammer,Rick Saunders, Patty Wentworth, Joyce Sellers,Mike Clark, Kylie Donovan, Joseph Hutzulak, Richard Quinn.