Calais American Legion

Michael McLean



We cancelled our monthly meeting due to illnesses and unforeseen circumstances. 

I’m continuing to send out 2017 membership cards. 

I want to thank management and staff of The Calais Advertiser for their photo coverage support for our Veterans. 

“A well informed soldier, is a productive soldier”! 

I’m removing a few flags that are torn or frayed. We need your donations as we have no income coming on a regular basis. 

We want to continue to donate back to our community and maintain our administrative commitments. 

Any correspondence: Commander Calais American Legion Sherman Brothers Post #3, P.O. Box 311, Calais, Maine 04619. Email: Facebook: Calais American Legion. Tel: 207-214-4410(cell). Please Leave message! 


Commander Michael Mclean. We Served-We Deserve!