Calais City Council - September 22nd

By Michael R. Brown

The longest discussion during the council meeting Thursday evening involved improvement and future use of a building along the Riverwalk that had been used by the DOT and the state police.  A damp and smelly carpet on the bottom floor will need to be removed and perhaps replaced before the city can find another use for the building. Endeavoring to find a tenant could become part of plans to augment the overall 10-year development plan. Such updating—for both the building and the future—needs further attention of the council. Preliminary inquiries, especially from hotels, have resulted in a response which said to the city, “You are not ready.” Little wonder then that much of the business of the evening centered on property problems.

Despite the success of civic programs such as concerts and pending seasonal displays such as the forthcoming Scarecrow event, it is deficient buildings and abandoned houses that are the most difficult for the council to come to final decisions. While the council did accept approval of a payment plan for 404 North Street, it did not agree to such a plan for 64 Lafayette or 287 North.

Properties at 28 Lincoln, 22 Boardman, 27 Price, and another undesignated one on North have been put for bid with no bids forthcoming. The council resolved that they should ask for bids again.

Problems with 469 South, 33 Lafayette, and 23 Lincoln have not been resolved, and the council authorized the City Solicitor to attempt to get a response.

In addition, Councilor Moreside moved and had accepted that any properties receiving an abatement must be made liveable within one year.


The council voted to accept a bid by Sunrise Sand and Gravel for winter sand at the cost of $22, 500.