Hands Across The Border

By Amy Jeanroy


Alberta Farthing Owens sits next to her plastic canvas 18 wheeler with her Hands Across the Border logo on the side. (Photo by Amy Jeanroy).

In 1987, Alberta Farthing Owens decided people didn't realize the importance of the friendship between St. Stephen N.B. and Calais. 

As far as I am concerned she says, the sky's the limit with what the two communities could do together. "

Local people may remember her setting up what she calls her Hands Across the Border shop, in the parking lot of what is now the IGA and Johnson's True Value on North Street. She sold everything from t-shirts to cards and keychains, all with her special logo. 

The idea for making an 18 wheeler with her logo on it came from the many trucks that pass by her home each day in Baileyville, headed to the mill. It took 3 months for her to make the truck and then add her own logo. 


“Can you imagine trucks with this logo advertising our area on them, traveling all across the country?”