Out and About

By Dorothy Johnson

The weather for the past week has been wonderful with rain for the plants and foresters. These are the first days of rains we have had for awhile. Leaves are beginning to change and even the gentle breezes are taking some to the ground.  I have seen two flocks of geese fly over.  They seem to be flying in the wrong direction, but maybe they are just practicing a trial run.

Sympathy this week is extended to the family and friends of Francis Wilbur “Bucky” Benson, Sr. He lived on Route 1 across from the Post Office where his family lived when his kids were in school. He will be missed by his many friends.

I had a chance to go to Pembroke last week and was surprised to see that the big machines are preparing the ground for the proposed new store.  The thoughts are mixed on the new enterprise.  Some citizens believe it will be an “eyesore” while others are looking forward to having a place to buy a greeting card or a small gift. 

I was also able to enjoy a piece of breakfast quiche at the Pie Ladies.  The ladies are coming up with some very interesting items for their breakfast menus and also for lunches.  They even had a quiche with kale in it.

Michael Morrell’s friends and relatives will be having a benefit supper at the Spednic Club in Woodland on October 1st.  Club members will be putting on a sirloin roast supper.  Supper begins at 6:30 pm.  Several tables of raffles will be available for chance tickets.

Woodland’s Octoberfest is in the planning stages.  The organizers are having a hard time finding volunteers to take on some of the activities.  I did hear that the Legion and the Auxiliary will be having lunches for sale at the Legion Hall on Main Street. Remember the Labor Day celebrations of the past? We need some of those dedicated people to help Jamie and his few helpers.

Special hellos are going out this week to Rolfe Flood and his sister Kathleen Sadler in Bangor, Susan McCray, Avis McIntyre, Vivian Scott, Gary Kneeland, Maybelle Clark, Gladys McCray, Elwin Daley and anyone else who needs a lift. We are happy to report that Madeline Perkins is at her home in Woodland. 

Rolfe Flood has found himself a new volunteer job in Bangor.  He is now spending some time at Cole’s Transportation Museum and chats with the school students coming in to see the museum. The students bring in questions for the veterans.  Now that new position goes along with his volunteering at the Meals Center on Tuesdays.

Happy anniversary wishes, belated though they may be, are going out to Mike and Marilyn Trafton. They celebrated their 61at anniversary last week.

The Applefest in Calais and the Auction in Dennysville enjoyed great weather on Saturday for their outdoor activities. These events are always supported in their local communities and this year was no exception.


Next Saturday, October 1 the Dennysville-Edmunds Congregational Church members will be holding their monthly breakfast. They have a great menu and welcome all new comers as well as all of the regulars.