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Sharon Frost



Autumn began last Thursday October’s flower is Calendula, the birthstone: opal

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The Perry Fair on Saturday was wonderful. So many booths, veggies, pickles, food, entertainment, crafts, something for everyone. It turned out to be a beautiful day. There were cars parked for miles. I met a lot of friends and saw familiar faces.

In the evening I attended the Second Baptist Church Concert with Kevin Spencer. It was very well attended and as always, a great lunch followed.

We are so blessed with all the yard sales, concerts, entertainment on both sides of the border all summer. Now it seems like it’s time to button down the hatch or at least get ready. Esther Darling turned 104 on her birthday.  God love her. A lovely lady. A group of people are searching for the Boston Post Cane which at one time or other was presented to the oldest person in the community and upon their passing would be given to the person next in line. It was a tradition of small towns of New England. Would appreciate some feed back with thanks.

Friday evening, October 7th, James and Starla Dean will have a concert at the People’s United Methodist Church. 6:30 pm. Lunch to follow.

EDW to be held on Tuesday, October 11th at 5:30 at St. Anne’s Parish Hall.

A reminder of the Organ Concert by Tim Smith on October 14th at 7 pm at St. Anne’s.

Don’t forget the craft fair on Friday and Saturday at the Methodist Homes Rec Hall from 9 am to 3 pm. There will be Christmas gifts, crafts and hots and much more.

The Second Baptist Choir is looking for new members...the ability to sing is not a requirement. Good chance to get practices up for the Christmas Concert.

The Blueberry Cake Recipe sounds delightful in the Pew Review.

October 9th - Leif Erikson Day. 

October 10th - Columbus Day (USA) Canadian Thanksgiving.

Cut the cake: Arlene Gibson, Richard Sawyer, Marlene Bryant, Sharon Waycott, Kathleen Stevens, Jonathan Edwards, Shane and Jeremy Yardley, Noel McPherson, Tom McHugh, Eileen Leavitt, Dr. Anne Simmons, Ray Smale.

Frost sparkles on autumn leaves in the Pacific Northwest. 

For best fruiting, an apple tree needs 6 or more hours of direct sun daily.

Yom Kippur begins October 11th at sundown.

Anniversary wishes: Eldon and Miriam Libby, Charlie and Marcia Doyle.


The Valley Gospel Singers and Friends will be at the Gateway Cathedral, St. Stephen, Thursday, October 6 and Sunday, October 30th. Sing-a-long songs followed by a lunch. Bring a friend and enjoy the evening.