Town News

Sharon Frost



Wednesday, October 16 is the full Hunters’ moon. The full moon is also known as the travel moon or dying grass moon.

October 15th is National Grouch Day. It is normal to be in a bad mood some days, but we shouldn’t be grouches all the time.

October 13 - 17 is National School Lunch week.

A beautiful site and day when Pears Seas Cruise Line departed last Monday out of Eastport. Over 200 passengers were aboard.

The Perry Elementary School will hold their Penny Carnival and Chinese Raffle on Saturday, October 15th from 11:00 a.m to 2:00 p.m.

What a glorious day last Tuesday as many took part at WCCC gym for the Health and Wellness Fair. Many booths were set upd. A Red Cross blood drive was taking place, free flu shots, screenings, and many free give-a-ways.

This  Thursday, the Immaculate Conception Church will hold a turkey dinner with all the fixings. 

On Friday the 14th, Organist Tim Smith will do an organ concert at St. Anne’s Church at 7 pm to celebrate installation of refurbished Moller Pipe Organ.

The weeks are flying by as are the leaves. The trees are beautiful this year with very little rain, they have done okay.

Keep Saturday, October 29th open for the Casket Race downtown. There will be first and second prizes. It sounds like fun.

Congratulations to Sean Cavanaugh and Sarah Berube on their wedding.

Keep the faith Bill Gibson (Calais). Prayers are with you.

I dropped my niece off at the airport on Thursday,. She flew back to Florida. I scooted over to Sunbury Village to visit Deane Jackson. We had a great chat and lots of laughs. I joined her for lunch in the beautiful dining room with a couple of Deanie’s friends who  live there. Tour of Italy Buffet was the luncheon, Italian marinade vegetables, chicken Parmesan over pasta, honey glazed carrots, garlic sticks, salad and a variety to choose from. Juices, tea and coffee. They had posted up pictures of Italy and played music. That is a beautiful retirement place, beautiful wall hangings, rest areas, decks off the rooms, hair dresser available. Everyone is so friendly. On Thursdays they have Sittercise, Rummikub, Tai Chi, Wellness 65+and Bean Bag Toss so one would never be bored. Thanks Deanne for inviting me to share the feast. It was an awesome time. I’ll be back.

Kay M - Your windows are looking nice for Halloween! Aren’t you in the spirit.

A surprise Pastor Appreciation was Sunday’s worship at Baring Baptist for Pastor Bob and family. Special music - Ken Colson. A video was shown, each one with a message. It was very nice. Testimony by Ray Wise. Dave Claroni gave the message on the meaning of appreciation.

A potluck, many delightful dishes, were displayed following the service as well as a large variety sweets. There was a good attendance with a loving family and friends. Almost forgot Wayne and Cheryl Ingersoll. They devote a lot of time and hard work and organization, a special couple. We applaud you.

Cut the Cake:

Pastor Matt Burden, Karen Cooke, Danielle Feck, Fred Sprague, Donna Gawe, Kristen Boies, Chris Scalabrin, Diane Lord, Joseph Matthews, David Sousa, Jr., Barbara Pottle, Sarah Smith and Dick Sawyer.

Diane Richendollar - so glad to hear you have completed your radiation treatments. Prayers do help.