JSOTB Fundraising For The Community


By Amy Jeanroy


A well known eatery in Calais is starting to do fundraisers for the community. Tony Noyes is the manager of Just South of The Border on Main street and says that the restaurant is going to begin doing fundraisers for the community, starting with the No 1 Firehouse. 

“The first fundraiser is going to be a barbecue on the 15th to raise money for to offset the maintenance cost of the firehouse.” Says Noyes. This isn't the first time that the eatery has raised money for Calais. 

 “We used to do it every month says Gary Young, owner of JSOTB. Now, we are starting that up again. 

“We want to help the everywhere that we can. We are doing a food drive on the 29th and we are doing the barbecue. Anything over our food costs, we will give them.”

As to why they are once again going to be raising donations for the community, Tony Noyes has this to say, “We want to make this a better place.”