Town News

Linda Baniszeski


We had our first hard frost here last Tuesday night, October 4.  It has also been quite cool overnight; and we usually have a morning fire in the woodstove to take the chill off.  Since it gets warmer as the day goes on, Scuffy and I are usually sweltering by mid-morning after Barry has left for the day.  We open the door to the sunporch to cool things off.  And so it goes with a well insulated house and an air tight woodstove that throws heat like a house on fire.

 Patti and Rich Lentz arrived last Sunday for a three week stay at camp.  Rich took out his dock nearly as soon as they arrived, with the lake level getting so low it becomes a daunting task.  Rich will be moose hunting with his brother Tim in northeast Maine for a week.  Tim has the permit.  Like many hunters from out of state, Rich has attempted to get a moose permit for about 20 years.  Still to no avail. It is very discouraging.   

Marc Reynolds has been putting in some new windows at his camp.  He sure has the place looking beautiful.  

 Sue Pearson and Meg Teele Rothberg celebrated their birthdays together at Nook & Cranny last Sunday evening with their husbands and friends.  Their birthdays are one day apart. 

As I write this, it’s too soon to tell how the hurricane will effect us.  In this part of the world, most seasoned Mainers simply batten down the hatches and weather the storms --  a great attribute

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