Alexander/Crawford History

Town News

By John Dudley & 

Cassie Oakes


Do you know that ACHS is still in existence?  In 2016 John Dudley has been researching in Augusta (MSL), Calais (library), and Machias (deeds and probate).  One subject that was new to John was the Washington County Unorganized Territories, the three Plantations and the 34 Townships.  There are only 34 organized towns or cities in our counry.  Eventually the results will appear as an appendix to a report on the UT in the Washington County Council of Government (WCCOG) website.

Documents of more local interest came from Foster Carlow Jr., (items on 8 subjects) and from the town of Alexander (items on 6 subjects).  Harry Nelson sent a copy of an 1857 newspaper article about the Base Line in Deblois.  After Hilda Crosby died, John Dudley was responsible for following her will and also to place things not listed in the will where he thought she would approve.  As a result items covering 14 subjects were added to our collections (archive).  Here is the list from the ACHS accessions book.

Crosby, Hilda (&Dyer) estate-34 Cooper Annual Reports-Maps=1962 St. Croix lands, 1984 G-P lands, ca 1950s Washington Co. Undated Wash Co map, 1974 ME state road, Undated Commercial ME road map.-Petition on FLAT RD 1993-Denny’s River Electric Co-op cert. 1949-Birth record of Hilda-Death date of Robert. 1998-news report on death of Charles-A-C Scholarship Letter-1997 letter stating E991 address on Flat Road-Binder of WWII papers including a 1945 letter from Dyer in Korea to Cathance Grange-7 notebooks on farming (1950s-1970s) Potatoes &Blueberries LABORERS including-1955 Pocket Ledger on potato pickers names-Cash Book 1958-1971 potato pickers-5 shares of Hancock County Creamery Preferred Stock (1953, now bankrupt)-1940 VALLEY DAIRY CO receipt $10.00 for two shares Coburn Crosby-Dyer &Ed Sullivan acct material-Biographical Sketch on D &H by Gwyneth Pollock-Dyer’s 1937 Autograph book-Maine Registers for 1935 and 1939-Misc. deeds on Alexander lots 70, 82 and 83.

Ron & Darlene gave a history of the Big Lake Camp Meeting Ground and Richard Perry gave ACHS a six-page memoir of an Alexander woman who moved to Washington Territory by crossing the Isthmus of Panama.  These new accessions will be the bases for John and my history articles.

And our history was shared!  I helped spread the news through the Advertiser and David Chase added to our web page (logging in the 1950s in So. Princeton, updates on the Wreath Shop and local music, Thomas Brisley’s Civil War letters and additions on timeline, chapters 3, 5, 10 and 12).  Our history can be viewed on the Alexander web page.