AP English Class Prepares for Veterans’ Day

By Kaileigh Deacon

The Calais High School AP English class is busy prepping for their annual Veterans Day Ceremony. Pictured are students (l-r) Jack Lander, Nathan Smith, Kassidee Ramsey, Samantha Look, Riley Sluzenski, Kiley Donovan, and Wade Lola. (Photo by Kaileigh Deacon).

The Calais High School AP English class is busy getting ready for their annual Veterans Day Ceremony. The annual event means a lot to both students and Veterans to show that the service of the veterans is important. 

“This ceremony renews my sense of gratitude every year. It’s incredibly important not only to us and the veterans but to future generations that they be reminded of what has happened before to get them to where they are,” Jack Lander said.  

The annual event will feature the white table ceremony, candle lighting ceremony, videos, and music. America’s White Table Ceremony is a book by author Margot Theis Raven and illustrator Mike Berry. The English Class will read the story and set a table. Each item placed on the table has a meaning that is explained as it is placed. The white table is set to honor those who have fallen in combat, are missing in action, captured. 

“Even though things are usually kept the same it still hits you. The videos the poems, the white table, it still hits,” junior Kylie Donovan said. 

The class is also putting together a video compilation of interviews and photos of local veterans. The class is looking for photos to be submitted to be included in the video. If you are interested in submitting a photo you can drop it off at the school office with the name, branch of military, and years served on the back of the photograph before October 26. 

The ceremony will be held on November 10 at 9:15 with a social hour for Veterans from 8-9. The students encourage people to invite veterans that might have been missed to come. “We want to make sure that someone who deserves to be here is here,” Jack Lander said.