Fighting for Good Maine Jobs

Emily Cain


Shaking hands during the afternoon shift change this fall at the Baileyville Mill was a great reminder of what good jobs can look like in Washington County. I met wonderful people that day who take pride in their hard work. That mill and the investments made there in recent years are an example of what happens when the right kind of programs are put in place to incentivize job creation in rural Maine. I am proud to have worked in the State House with Senate President Kevin Raye when I was the House Minority Leader to create the program that helped foster some of those investments and the addition of more good jobs. 

A good job is where you work hard and actually get ahead. You earn enough to pay your bills, support your family, save for retirement, and even take a vacation. It means peace of mind. Too many families are struggling as they have replaced one good job with two or three that don’t pay the bills. 

That’s why I’m running for Congress—because we need more good jobs in all parts of Maine. And when you work hard and play by the rules, you should get ahead. If we are going to protect the good jobs we have and foster an environment in Washington County and across rural Maine that leads to more good jobs, then you need a member of Congress you can trust to partner with you to make that happen. 

It’s time to focus on bringing good jobs back to Maine, and creating an economy that Mainers can be in charge of, based on our hard working people, small businesses, and natural resources. 

We need a member of Congress who understands that our greatest opportunities are in our traditional strengths. I want to protect and grow jobs in forestry, fishing, and agriculture, and in small and medium manufacturing. I want to focus on jobs that can’t be outsourced.

 Washington County is rich in natural resources and hard-working people, but has been ignored and neglected by Congress and is not getting its fair share of support. I want to focus on “connecting the dots” by focusing on investments in rail, ports, and airports and increasing access to high speed internet so Washington County can get integrated into a larger economy while being protected from bad trade deals and special deals that benefit outsourcers. I want to be a productive partner to the Sunrise County.

Congress should be working to remove barriers to success, not adding more. There’s a real choice in this election. I worked across the aisle, even with Governor LePage, to pass balanced bipartisan budgets that cut taxes for families and businesses. My opponent paid his taxes late 41 times, used a tax loophole to pay only $21 in property taxes on an oceanfront estate in Georgetown, and voted to cut Social Security and turn Medicare into a voucher program.

Instead, we can fight bad trade deals and end special tax credits for outsourcers who send our jobs overseas. We can protect Medicare and Social Security, and get veterans the healthcare they’ve earned. We can add good jobs and do incredible things if we’re given the chance. Mainers aren’t looking for handouts, just a level playing field. 

It’s time to put Maine people first. That’s what I’ll do in Congress. I am proud to ask for your vote.