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Linda Baniszeski


Don’t miss this upcoming Meddybemps Annual Event for Children:  Trick or Treating goes on in a safe and warm place Halloween, October 31 at Meddybemps Community Center from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m.   An abundant assortment of candy, donated by residents and friends of the community, is offered on long tables inside the Community Center.  This free event is hosted by Community Center Committee members.  Residents should place candy donations at the Community Center with names on their items in advance of the event so volunteers can organize the goodies.

We are sorry to learn of the fire that destroyed the Bailey’s house and garage, while we were away the past two weeks.  A great loss.  It is good that Bruce and Sharon have a home to go to in Florida; and we wish them the very best.  It isn’t natural to go by their property with only the charred remains of their house.  However, we are thanking the Lord with them that they were not harmed, or worse.  

 Our trip home from Pennsylvania last Saturday was uneventful except for some driving rain in Maine and as we traveled across Route 9.  Leaves were colorful all through Pennsylvania, New Jersey, but especially in Massachesetts, New Hampshire and Maine.  Even in the rainy grayness of Saturday, the leaves along Route 9 were gorgeous.  The color scheme of the changing seasons always turns the next one into a great visual discovery.  While in Pennsylvania, Barry and I attended his 54th and my 50th Class Reunions (separate dates and places).  We recognized everyone at his reunion.  There were only a few I didn’t know at mine.  All in all, we old folks aren’t too much the worse for wear.

October is Pastor Appreciation Month, and everyone should let theirs know how special they are.  We especially celebrate Matt Burden at 2nd Baptist in Calais, Ray Morse at the Community Church in Princeton, Bob Oliver at Baring Baptist Church and Pastor Towne who serves Meddybemps Community Church.

 Congratulations to Marcia Wheelock and Louise Lee for their photo being chosen for the Calais Advertiser.  It is a great arrangement of outdoor decorations and a beautifully colorful and staged photo.  Congratulations to everyone whose photos are featured during the month. We have a talented bunch of photographers in our midst.

 Happy birthday wishes to Alyssa Shaw (Terry Reynolds’ granddaughter) and Karen Smith on October 27.  Barry and I celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary on October 24.

Rich Lentz’s brother, Tim, bagged a large bull moose during the October season in northwest Maine.  Rich accompanied his brother.  They camped about 80 miles into the wilderness with an experienced guide from the area.  Don’t know that I would want to rough it like that.  In fact, my slogan is “I can rough it, but why should I?”  But, hey! it works for them, and provided a successful hunt.  

It is a sad indication of the times in which we live when troubled souls need to destroy things for kicks.  The vandalization in Calais of the park bench and fall decorations is pitiful.  Keep your eyes open and report anyone and anything that looks suspicious.  On a happier note, mark your calendars for Friday, October 28, 5:30 at 2nd Baptist Church, where a Harvest Festival is held for young people, and parents who wish to attend with them.  There will be fun and games, lots of good snacks, and cake walks where every child usually gets a cake to take home.  Costumes are welcomed, but please no demonic or really scary ones that will upset the little ones. Children do not have to be members or attendees of 2nd Baptist to participate.  

 Continued get well wishes to Izzie Gibson, Billy Gibson and everyone else going through health issues. 

Please seriously research your voting options for the upcoming election on November 8.  This is possibly one of the most important elections of our times.  Whoever is elected at many levels  will shape the future of our country -- especially the Supreme Court, critical personal freedoms, international balance of fair trade, jobs, and rising costs of health care.  As they say, pay attention to what they do (or have done), rather than simply what they say.  

  Please send your news to or phone 454-3719.