Sally Doten



This week the rain was a help to the lakes and streams. Although water levels are still too low going into winter, the rain was appreciated. My well is only 25 feet deep and every drop of rain helps in this household. 

On October 28, the end of a decade was recognized. Evelyn Doten Johnson passed away on Friday. Evelyn was the 10th child in the Smith & Winnie Doten family. Evelyn was predeceased by her siblings, her son Robert, and her husband Norman. Her brothers and sisters included: Winifred, Otis, Albion, Clyde, Norman, Martina, Thelma, Inez, and Bernard. This family was raised on the farm at the corner of 191 and Rt. 1. Most of the children stayed in this area. With so many Dotens the town was soon known as Dotenville. With the exception of Inez and Winnie, the other eight stayed here and raised families of there own; 30 kids if you ad them up. Evelyn’s funeral is Tuesday at the Baring Baptist Church at 11 a.m. Rest in peace, Evelyn.

Congratulations to Katie Erskine and Kaylee Doten. These girls are part of the Calais Blue Devils Volleyball team that won the gold ball in Bar Harbor on Saturday. Good work, girls.

TOWN MEETING: Remember how I have said there will be a town meeting soon? The date has finally arrived: Nov. 15, 2016, Tuesday at 6 p.m at the Baring Baptist Church. This meeting will include representatives from the Town of Baileyville. A discussion of the Baileyville Industrial Park well be the main focus of the meeting. Also on the agenda will be consideration of fire and police coverage. 

Don’t forget to turn your clocks back one hour before you go to bed on Saturday night. We will spend the next months with shorter days and darkness by 4 p.m. 

The only thing positive about next Wednesday is the fact there will be no more political ads on TV and the signs along the highways will disappear. I have never received so much mail from candidates in my life. Everyday my mailbox is full of wasted paper. Talk about environmental acre of more of trees could be saved if this printing was stopped.