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Town News

Monday, Sept. 26, we had basketball skill drill practice and had horse class at Double T Farm in Perry.  

Tuesday, a few decided to go swimming at the Garcelon Civic Center in St. Stephen. In the afternoon, due to the beautiful weather, some went on a walk, and some played basketball.

Wednesday, some attended horses, while others hung out at program and played basketball. In the afternoon many played Bingo and some decided to play basketball across the street.

Thursday, the group went for lunch at Linda’s New York Style Pizza Restaurant in Baileyville. While there, we also play video games and talked with people.

On Friday, our Equestrian participants left for Skowhegan to compete in the Olympics on Saturday. When they got there they check into the Belmont Hotel and then headed to the stable for a while. The group got the stalls ready and watched the instructor walk and run the horses. A bit later we went to Kens for supper then did some shopping and back to the barn before going to bed for the night. Those of us that didn’t go to the Equestrian Special Olympics went to the Big Stop for lunch.

Saturday, the crew ate breakfast at McDonald’s and headed out for the day. Some did trail, barrel racing, showmanship, trot, and walk. After a long day we stopped at Dysart’s in Bangor for supper on our way home.

Monday, Oct.  3, the Equestrian participants were excited to show everyone their ribbons and tell us how their weekend was. Some opted to work on crafts, while others decided to play card games. The afternoon consisted of basketball practice and skill drills at WCCC.

Tuesday, we all headed out early and went to Treworgy’s Orchard in Levant. We all had a great time there and everyone brought home a half of dozen homemade donuts that they made while we were there.

Wednesday, some went swimming in Machias at the University and others worked on computers, went for a walk, and some played Wii.

Thursday, morning the meal team went shopping for the meal. A bit later we had a health and community discussion. In the afternoon the basketball team had practice and others went for a walk, played UNO, or worked on crafts.

Friday, the meal consisted of hot dogs, cole slaw, chips & crystal light. This was also our last yard sale day. Some played basketball outside and a few went for a walk.

Monday, Oct. 10, was a Holiday, so the college wasn’t available, so we played UNO and relaxed.

Tuesday, some went swimming at the Garcelon Civic Center in St. Stephen. The afternoon was spent playing classical music on the computer.

Wednesday, some went shopping at the new Dollar Tree for the first time. We played Bingo in the afternoon.

Thursday, some on the cooking team went shopping for the groceries in the morning and others worked on crafts and some worked on the computer. In the afternoon, some had basketball practice and others played games and had meetings.

Friday was meal day which consisted of taco salad, crystal light, and cake. Some went shopping at Walmart and some played basketball outside.