Town News

Linda Baniszeski


An extremely successful public supper was held for Dawn Winchester last Saturday at the Community Center to assist with expenses incurred through serious health issues.  She is on the mend.  There were so many people at the supper, they filled all the upstairs and downstairs tables in the Community Center.  To keep the large crowd organized, people joined the buffet line with tables to get their food.  Many of Dawn’s “young and teen princesses” helped with the supper.  An abundance of silent auction items made it even more fun for those attending.   Dawn is extremely appreciative for everyone’s participation, attendance, food and auction donations, and this expression of great care and concern for her.  This was surely an indication of the great appreciation to Dawn for all that she has done for many organizations and others over the years.  

 The Harvest Festival at 2nd Baptist in Calais was also a great success last Friday.  Eighty-one tots to teens enjoyed the fun.  Each young person received a cake or cupcakes to take home.

Happy birthday wishes to Barry Baniszeski and Bonnie Smith on November 3.  

 Our area is settling itself down for the coming winter.  Leaves are mostly off the trees, wood fires are warming many homes, and rains and intermittent showers provide some gray days.  It looks quite barren without everyone’s lawn and patio furniture tucked away until spring.  It is that sleepy, quiet time of late fall in preparation for colder months ahead.  The lake level is up a bit with the heavy rains of last weekend.  Hopefully, by spring, snow melt and rains will bring it back up to normal.

 More seasonal residents are returning to warmer climates for the winter.  Bill Doten, Jr., just returned from driving his parents, Bill and Ruth, back to Florida.  It’s sad to see them go, but much healthier for Ruth to be in a warmer climate during cold months in the Northeast.  Other seasonal residents continue to visit their camps until the snows fly.  The Olsanskis and Gilberts enjoy their camps all times of the year.  Dennis Gilbert is cutting, splitting and stacking firewood for upcoming winter visits.  We are expecting a visit from one of my old friends from Michigan next weekend.  No matter the weather, many people just love Maine.    

 During travels around the area, Barry saw a moose and her calf near Howard Lake.  Nearby on our lake, he saw four muskrats on the move.  They had been living within the styrofoam under docks that were being pulled from the lake for winter storage.  It is still early enough for the critters to find new digs by the lake.  I saw what I think was a Downy Woodpecker climbing around a tree.  I didn’t know these birds made a short, staccato “tweet” sound.  I looked in both of my very official bird books about sounds for this bird.  Nothing was listed.  Perhaps I should tell them.

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