Out and About

By Dorothy Johnson


For three days this week the wind blew hard on the farm. It re-arranged many leaves and several items on the deck.  Still, although the weather is cooler, it is still seasonable for a nice fall. We received a much needed steady rain. The fields are turning green again only to be killed by the next frost. Lulu has found a way to put up with wet feet and she has been quite co-operative in going outside.  She takes a short run and when she sails back in the door, she gets immediate gratification-a special snack of her choosing.  So far it is working.  Tomorrow she may run for the woods or the road. She is a work in progress.

Kathleen Sadler, formerly of Woodland, now of Bangor celebrated her 95th birthday last week.  She was honored with two birthday parties, one given and attended by some of her grandchildren and another one attended by some of her children and her brother Rolfe.  After the cake and ice cream, the older group played cards and talked about “the old days.” According to Rolfe, Mrs. Sadler is not getting out much, but she is still “as sharp as a tack”.

Rolfe is keeping busy helping with Community café one day a week and spending other days at Cole’s Transportation and Veterans’ Museum.  Students from area schools visit the Museum on field trips and like to ask Veterans about their war experiences.  Rolfe is keeping busy and enjoying his time with the students.

The community of Pembroke was saddened to hear of the passing of Alice Ward last week. When in Pembroke, she lived on the Hersey Side near where her husband John and my aunts, uncles and mother grew up. Alice was a licensed practical nurse and worked in Bangor for several years. She was active in many fraternal and church organizations while in Pembroke.  She will be missed by her family and friends.

Congratulations to all of the Woodland Dragons’ fall teams. The boys’ soccer team and the volleyball teams had play-off games and good seasons.  The girls’ soccer team improved this year and is looking good for next year. Carl Ripley (boys’ soccer) and Jim Brown (girls’ soccer) were named coaches of the year for their sports and the girls’ soccer team won the sportsmanship award. Following are the Dragons that were named as DAC All-stars: volleyball: Sophie McDonald, Shawna Monk and Shaye Beers; girls’ soccer: Paige Finch, Jennie Cox, Anna Johnson and Sadie Smith; boys’soccer:  Sabre Phelps, Riley Russell, Drew Hayward, Michael Grimmanis and Matthew Miller. Congratulations to all and the community sends very special congratulations for winning the sportsmen’s award.  That is a hard honor to win.

Pastor Randy Chretien was in church today and is feeling a bit better.  He will be having cataract surgeries, one this week and one next week.  Carolyn Chretien, the Pastor’s wife, is recovering from her eye surgeries. Church goers were happy to see Madeline Perkins in church.  She has been recovering for a long time. Marion Hunnewell is feeling better, but still is in a recovery stage. Susan McCray had her first chemotherapy treatment on Friday.  Everything went well, but it was a very long day. Get well wishes are being sent to all of the above. Special hellos are also being sent to Barbara Kneeland, Avis McIntyre, Shirley Murphy, Gloria Smith, Dick Carroll and anyone else who needs a lift.

The Riverside Rebekahs will be having their November food sale at the parking lot in Woodland on Friday, November 4th. The sale will be from 9 a.m. until noon or as long as the baked goods last.

The Dennysville-Edmunds Congregational church will host its first Saturday breakfast on Saturday, November 5th. Also in Dennysville the Lincoln Memorial Library will be holding it First Monday Tea on November 7th and the next Story Time for the youngsters will be on Wednesday, November 9th after school.

Readers are also reminded of the two big craft fairs next Saturday, one at the Woodland High School gym and one at the Charlotte Elementary School.  Both venues will have bake sales, lunches and many vendors selling their finely made crafts.

Remember that Friday, November 11th is Veterans’ Day. Take a minute to thank a veteran for his/her service. It is only through their sacrifices that we enjoy the freedoms we have today.

Saturday, November 12th, the members of the People’s United Methodist Church of Baileyville will be hosting their holiday sale. Stay tuned to this column for the preview of coming attractions as we count down the days until Christmas.

Stay safe and have a wonderful week.