Town News


Kathy Mekelburg


By the time you read this, Halloween has passed and it is November. Lots of things are going on this month. Election day is November 8th. Voting will take place from 8 am to 8 pm. I am having my right knee replaced on the 14th. Pomona Grange will met at Cathance Grange on November 15th, Thanksgiving on the 24th.

The Congregational Church’s initiative is for the drug addiction in Washington County. We are asked to pray for the success of the Calais and Machias hospitals in the Emergency Room programs and for direction in how we can help the county in dealing with this complex and growing epidemic. “Lord teach us to pray”.

Happy Birthday to Jacob Flewelling on the 1st, Jacob Sterner on the 4th, Anita Johnson on the 8th, Ryan Johnson on the 14th, Tyler Cookson on the 16th, Alison Moffet on the 17th, Nathan Moffett on the 28th, Jeffrey Moffitt on the 29th.

Happy Anniversary to Marshall and Donna Hennequin.