Another Fun-Filled Basket-Making Workshop in Cooper

Amid a fun day of talk, laughter, and free-flowing food, baskets were being created by the attendees of the latest basket making workshop at the Cooper Community Center (CCC) on Saturday, October 15th.

This third in a series of basket making workshops with well-known local crafter, Thursa Sawyer, instructing was devoted to a basket quite different from the previous baskets in the series.  This one was a flat-backed wall hanging basket.  Thursa’s own basket, which she showed as an example, has been hanging by the inside front door of her house for thirty some years to keep gloves, car keys, letters to mail, etc.

Crafters used the multi-colored strips to make a variety of designs on their baskets and went home with a beautiful basket to add to their collection or to start a new collection.  Previous designs in the series were a rectangular market basket and a round spring basket with colored strips and a fancy handle.

This day long workshop, from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, was made more palatable by free-flowing food: coffee and donuts in the morning, a luncheon which started with appetizers of smoked salmon/cream cheese and cheese/cracker platters followed by lunch catered by the “Friends Café” consisting of chili, rice, tortilla chips and all the fixings for taco salads; beverages of coffee, tea, ice tea, and lemonade; and for desserts: an elegant “Pumpkin Surprise” sheet cake baked and donated by Carmen Perkins of Calais, and brownies by Ellie Sullivan of Cathance Township.  Beverages and cookies were available for the rest of the day.

This event was sponsored and hosted by the “Cooper Community Center Friends” (CCCF) who want to thank all those who made this workshop such a rounding success.  Special thanks to Mary Dunn who donated a massive amount of basket making materials, enough for many more workshops. 

The mission of the CCCF is to provide events and activities in the CCC so that the people of Cooper and the local area can enjoy the company of their friends and neighbors as well as to manage a building fund in order to maintain and make improvements to the CCC building.

For information on coming attractions, contact Joanne 454-7383, email:, or visit or Facebook page: “Cathance Cooper Friend”.