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Dave McCullough


As you read the column this week Election Day 2016 will have been completed. Win, lose or draw we must gather behind the winners. America is a wonderful place to live and we are blessed with this opportunity!

This Veterans Day, Friday November 11th there will be a ceremony at the Grand Lake Stream Cemetery at 12 noon. Come and be part of this recognition of Thanks to all our veterans

The Women to Women are collecting canned and dry goods for the Woodland Food Pantry.  There is a box at the Pine Tree Store.  The food will be delivered after November 18. The knitting group is planning a trip to the McAdam Railway Station Christmas Display in McAdam, New Brunswick on Thursday November 17.  They plan to go to Briggs and Little Yarn Shop in Harvey Station first, have lunch and then go to the Station. Tickets are $12.00 Canadian.   Anyone interested call either Elaine Brown 796-5269 or Sue Whitely 796-0888.  Don’t forget exercise at 9:00 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday!

FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN LOOKING OUT OVER FARM COVE!   (A tale from the Hermit)  The entire crown is ablaze with brilliant red-orange color.  The old Indian sugar-bush dazzles the senses.  Our autumn foliage displays are not only a great esthetic asset to Maine but represents a serious economic boost to our area.  While we are accustomed to the annual phenomenon folks from away are spellbound.  People from all over the nation and even from overseas come to witness the spectacle.

Conditions for maximum leaf coloration are average or better with summer rainfall, amply sugar accumulation in leaves and long periods of cool, bright sunny weather without heavy frosts.  Chlorophyll gives leaves their bright green color, but with the advent of fall, production slows their stage.  This chlorophyll has made the other pigments present which are red and scarlet, orange, yellow, purple and brown. 

These pigments mix and bend to form incredible color variations.  Conifers produce only dull yellow and brown, the exception being tamarack which turns bright yellow.  

Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are a blessing as Maine is 80%-90% forested.  The incredible power of photosynthesis creates more vegetation while giving off oxygen.  The basic essential compound is carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.  Even a small section of lawn gobbles up carbon dioxide.

I’m headed out to rake up some of that fall splendor.  If you run out I’ve got extra – please bring your own container. 

Let’s see how alert you are after listening to a year of politics:  (1) all of the 50 states are listed on two places in our country, can you name them?  And on a lighter side,(2) which of our household pets, dogs or cats, have more vocal sounds? 

Maine offers nearly unlimited opportunity for enjoying the great outdoors, thanks in great part to many private landowners who allow access to their property. Landowners who permit the use of their land for outdoor recreational activities are not only doing you a favor, they are placing their trust in you. 

To demonstrate appreciation for the favor and to prove their trust is not misplaced: 

Ask for permission first

Respect any and all special requests made by the landowner

Understand clearly where you can and cannot drive or park your vehicle and abide by those restrictions

If requested, provide the landowner, your name, address, phone number and vehicle description

Consider using pre-printed Landowner/Land user Courtesy Cards 

Know the property boundaries of the land you have permission to use and stay within those boundaries

Remember that railroad and utility corridors are not public rights of way and require permission for access

If you see trash that someone else left, please pick it up

Always obey the law

Show your appreciation to the landowner and take the time to say thank you!  (1-Lincoln Memorial  and back of $5 bill and 2-cats have over 100 vocal sounds and dogs have 10).

Have a great week:  Your HUMBLE Correspondent, Dave McCullough   207-839-4205 or