Town News

Linda Baniszeski


It is feeling more like winter this week.  Monday morning, we awoke to a heavy frost and 30 deg. temps.  We’ve had warmer than seasonal temperatures this year, so the cold stuff was bound to happen one of these days.  

Happy birthday wishes to Terry Reynolds on November 11, and summer residents Carol Bloomhardt on the 13th and Patty Lentz on the 14th.

 The colder weather has driven some birds to serious migration.  Last week saw a flock of wood ducks who stopped by our lake for a rest, and perhaps a snack before, they disappeared as quickly as they had arrived.  Another flock of small birds attacked some bushes going to seed in the flower garden.  Through the aid of my North American Bird Book, Barry and I identified them as Alder Flycatchers.  Although they like flying things, they also eat seeds.  This bird is about 5-1/2” long, olive greenish on its back with white wing bars, and an olive gray wash on its underbelly.  These very cute birds were in our yard flitting from the bushes to the woods and back for about an hour before they went on their way to wherever they will spend the winter.

 A neighbor traveling on back trails between Cooper and Route 9 saw a nice sized moose ambling along in a field.  

 The Calais Hospital Coffee & Gift Shop is hosting a Holiday Jewelry and Handbag Sales Event November 7 through 11.  The Hospital Auxiliary is also sponsoring a drawing for a Thanksgiving Gift Basket.  Tickets are available at the Gift Shop during regular hours Monday through Friday, 9:30 a.m. through 4:30 p.m.  The Gift Basket ticket will be drawn November 21 and the winner notified therafter.

November 11 is Veterans Day in America.  Please be sure to thank a veteran or someone presently serving in the military for their service to our country.  Barry and I watched the movie “13 Hours” on Sunday, about the attack on Benghazi as told through the experiences of the Special Forces individuals who were there trying to save the U. S. Embassy.  Two who helped died in the encounter.  It’s a must-see for anyone who cares about who leads our country.  It is a wonder any of the individuals got out alive.  One of the facts shared in the film is very distrubing, along with quite a few others.  As the Embassy was under attack and losing, a secret CIA mission 1 mile from the Embassy never received the okay to send its people to assist the Embassy after many desparate pleas.  Despite the lack of approval, some of the Special Forces men went to help anyway.  Meanwhile our government flew another group into Benghazi and arrived at the CIA encampment.  When the director of that compound asked if they were there to help the Embassy, they said, “No, we’re here for documents destruction.”  To think that documents received priority and the lives of the Embassy people were ignored by the President and Secretary of State is unthinkable to me.    

Something else that’s frightening is a new attraction in the woods along Lite Lane.  The toddler doll is long gone.  Now in its place is a statue of what might perhaps be “Adam and Eve.”  This one is not especially rated family friendly.  I think I’ll have to cover it with leaves and vines, in the spirit of the Adam and Eve theme when they became ashamed.

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