Town News

Sally Doten



It’s Sunday evening, Nov. 6, as I sit to write this column. As I drove home from Calais, a deer jumped across the road in front of me on Baring Street. Scared me for a minute. I have had the experience of hitting a deer and don’t want another one. I think he (she) must have been on the run as he (she) leaped the width of the road. This is one of the reasons I hate to drive the Airline after dark; but guess that doesn’t make much sense as this deer was within city limits.

Sorry to hear that Fran Johnson has been a patient at Calais Regional Hospital. Hope you are feeling better, Fran.

Don’t forget that Tuesday is election day. I am so thankful this campaign season is nearing an end. I have never been so inundated with phone calls, postal fliers, and TV ads as this year.  It will be nice to watch TV without candidates telling lies about one another. When you read this, we will have a new president and that is a scary thought. Wednesday the signage that litter our highways will disappear; and that to me, is the one positive note about this election.

Irene Gallway and I traveled to Bangor on a very rainy Thursday last week. The highway was very busy in both directions. It was surprising to see so many careless drivers in bad weather. I think the law says, “If you need your windshield wipers on; you need your lights on.” From my viewpoint, not everyone knows this law. It was a splashy day.

Again, I remind you, don’t forget the town meeting on Nov. 15. Are you getting tired from me telling you this?

Sympathy is extended to the family of MayBelle Clark. Her funeral was Saturday at the Second Baptist Church. I was so impressed by her family that took part in the service. So many memories were shared as tears were shed. It was good to see so many friends and students that I haven’t seen in years. It was a wonderful gathering under very sad circumstances.

Get well wishes go out to Joanne Wheelock who is a pneumonia patient at Calais Regional Hospital.

Well, dear friends, this is all I know. My knowledge is very limited; maybe it’s my age.

Have a wonderful week. Stay well.