Beckett Center News

Town News

On Monday, the 17th of October, the crew did different things in the morning, including heathy snack which was bananas. In the afternoon we did basketball and skill drills outside and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

On Tuesday some went swimming at the Garcelon Center in Canada, NB. Some did the aqua stretch and some did lap swimming. Others went to the new Dollar Store.
On Wednesday some of the FBC crew went to the Thrift Store in Calais and took a walk in the community. In the afternoon Susan came and gave us a dancing lesson.
On Thursday we went over the street for basketball practice and skill drills because it was so nice out. Some played cards in the lunch room and some went shopping for the meal.
On Friday some went shopping at Walmart. We enjoyed the meal, which consisted of chicken burgers and chips, Crysta Lite to drink, and chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting.
On Monday, the 24th of October, some went to Walmart to get water, while others stayed back and chit chatted with friends about their weekend. We also did some outside stuff so we can enjoy the great weather.
On Tuesday heathy snack was banana muffins, they were so good some had seconds. Some went swimming in Canada while others are waiting to go to Machias. Today we also got our ribbons from the horse Olympics.
On Wednesday the group stayed back and played cards and also Wii bowling. Some chit chatted with friends and some did crafts.

On Thursday we went to Linda’s Pizza for lunch. The group had 3 pieces of pizza and also played games and music.
On Friday the Eastport residential facility invited us to their Halloween party. They provided a sit down lunch which was delicious, we chit chatted with friends, we danced and sang to Karaoke. After the party they handed out candy then we headed back to FBC to the catch the buses.

On Monday, October 31st, HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Some came dressed up for the occasion. We stayed here and chit chatted with friends, played cards, and did crafts.

On Tuesday, the 1st of November, we enjoyed healthy snack, some went to the Garcelon for swimming and some stayed back at the Center and played various games, such as cards and board games and chit chatted with friends.

On Wednesday, some went swimming in Machias and others stayed back and worked on the computer, some played Xbox, and others worked on crafts.

On Thursday, some went shopping for the meal and some worked on the computer. In the afternoon most went to WCCC for basketball practice and others stayed at the center and worked on crafts, computer, and Wii.

On Friday, we had a delicious meal of American Chop Suey. Some went shopping and others enjoyed activities at the center and outside.