The Happy Gang Makes Generous Donations

By Amy Jeanroy


On Friday, November 11, three local non-profit organizations; 

PAWS, No. 1 Firehouse, and Irene Chadbourne Food Pantry received donations of $9,000 each from the local senior citizen's group, The Happy Gang. 

The Happy Gang first started their organization  out of the No. 1 Firehouse, purchasing the building on Church St. for $1.00 and selling it back to the town for $1.00. 

A critical part of saving the historic building, Dick Barnard of No. 1 Firehouse said that if it wasn't for the Happy Gang taking care of the building prior to them taking over in 2004, they would never have been able to continue renovations. "The building really needed some work," says Barnard. "If it wasn't for the Happy Gang, our building would have been lost." 

Once very active in the community, due to declining numbers of members, the Happy Gang made the decision to disband last month.