Town News

Linda Baniszeski


Not much news out here in God’s country this week.  Everything is slowing down with the new season and cooler weather.  We’ve had a few more bird flocks migrate through, that I can’t identify because they flit around too quickly.  Our Red Squirrel, “Rusty” as Scuffy knows him has been gathering munchies from the bird feeder to store away somewhere.  

 Happy Birthday to Christopher Doten on November 19.  There have also been other birthday celebrations this week.  Terry Reynolds’ family celebrated him on November 11.  On that same date, our Veterans were honored throughout our area and the state.  We have never observed veterans so deeply honored by citizens like they are here in Maine.  A very good and heartwarming phenomenon.

 Sunday night and early Monday morning, the Super Moon was very visible here due to clear skies and weather.  The moon didn’t appear exactly round which is an optical illusion created with the very close position of the moon to the earth by the moon’s orbit.   This hasn’t happened since, Jan. 26, 1948, when it came 30 miles closer.  It was  5 months before I was born and the same year Israel became a nation. The next time this occurs won’t be until Nov. 24, 2034, when the distance between the two bodies will be 40 miles less.  Sunday night’s super moon was extra super because the moon was even closer to Earth than usual.  The moon was forecast to be the closest in its orbital approach to earth at 6:22 a.m. EST on Monday.  Barry saw the moon very early Monday morning and he said the brilliant moon and its reflection on the lake was exceptional. This moon is technically referred to as “perigee” by NASA, which also said by 8:52 a.m. EST, the moon was expected to appear to be at its largest.  We saw the super moon on a drive to Bangor late Sunday to take a visitor to the airport.  On our return to Meddybemps that night, the moon was brighter and larger than earlier in the evening.

 Our visitor from Michigan, Linda Schremser, a friend of mine for more than 40 years, came to see us from Ann Arbor, Michigan.  We met through her summer job where I worked at the time when she was 18 and in college and I was 30.  She wanted to quit college to be a secretary.  I started out as a secretary and worked my way up through business with night college classes.  She said she clearly remembers me saying, “no, you are not quitting college” and she didn’t.   She is a high level executive, systems analyst, programmer and consultant to Fortune 100 corporations conducting business requiring extensive travel. We kept in touch, but haven’t been together for 25 years.  Thankfully, she expects to be back next summer for an extended stay with us.  She has honored me by always crediting me as her mentor and “adopted” big sister.  

 During my friend’s  stay, we helped the restaurant and retail economies (she more than I) of Bangor, Calais, Eastport, St. Stephen and St. Andrews.  Of course, Marden’s was a favorite for shoes, St. Andrews for a gorgeous handknit sweater coat from Scotland, and Eastport’s Raye’s Mustard and Moose Island Bakery.  She especially enjoyed the people and food on Friday night at Just South of the Border with us and our friends, Ed and Kathy Bell, Everett and Dawn Libby and Barry and me.  It was hard to leave her at her hotel on Sunday night where she stayed in advance of a very early Monday morning flight to Detroit.  Scuffy was looking for her Monday morning. She was used to Linda holding and fussing over her each morning and throughout the day, and loved our walks together. It was as if Scuffy was showing off her surroundings and routines.

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