“Slumgullion” Singing Whatever Gets Put into the Pot

Just what is “Slumgullion”? Think of putting a big pot on the stove, starting off with some beef stock, or chicken, or both, or maybe turkey. Grill or fry up whatever meat you have. Fish, too. Then some onions, and peas, and maybe a turnip. If you were on a whaleship in the 1800s you might throw in some blubber; and maybe an old shoe, or some tarry line, for extra flavor and “texture.” “Slumgullion.” That’s what the Pembroke Library’s November 30th Chantey Sing will be like. Chanteys, old and new. Romantic Ballads. A few drinking songs. Some funny ditties. A fiddle tune or two, blended perfectly with a concertina. Throw in a guitar, a banjo, a limberjack, and lots of singing, and you’ve got it - Musical Slumgullion – presented by Maine’s masters of slumgullion, “From Away Downeast,” America’s Easternmost Chantey Group.

The Chantey Sing is being held at the fully handicap accessible Pembroke Library, 221 Old County Road, opposite the horse track and fair grounds. The Singing and Playing starts at 7:00 PM. Admission is Free, with free refreshments afterwards. More information at 207-726-4747, 207-726-4745, and seasonghistory@gmail.com