Out and About

By Dorothy Johnson


Thanksgiving week has arrived with warm weather, a little rain and according to the weather forecasters, a threat of snow mixed with the rain. Hunters have been complaining that the weather is too warm for hunting.  Maybe that is true because I have heard of few hunters getting their deer this fall. Right now we are trying to plan our Thanksgiving meal around the hunters’ schedule for Thursday. Of course, we are also trying to work around early “Black Friday” shoppers who can now start their Friday shopping at 6 pm on Thursday. (J. C. Penny’s shopper will be able to begin their quest for bargains at 3pm on Thursday. We will barely have time to clear the table.)

The commercialization of Christmas is well underway on televisions and radios, in newspapers and magazines and especially in the stores. I am almost as tired of seeing the holiday ads as I was of the political ads. The children are seeing thousands of new toys advertised on their favorite shows and the adults are looking at all of those beautiful cars that almost drive themselves.  According to the ads, there is something for everyone.

I heard from Ginny Fifield this week.  Dr. Bob, former Superintendent of Schools in what was known as Union 106, is in the veterans’ hospital in Bangor and has a bad cough. Blanche Haskins, a long-time resident of Woodland, is recovering from a broken hip and hip surgery and is rehabilitating at the veterans’ home in Bangor. The reports coming from her room is that now she has pneumonia. Elwin Daley is still suffering from a very painful shoulder but has refused to have his entire shoulder rebuilt because no one can assure him that the shoulder will work after the surgery. Susan McCray traveled to Bangor for her second treatment on Friday.  She also had an appointment on Thursday so she had a long trip. J. J. Hanson had another surgery last week.  Hospital personnel are doing skin grafts and according to the family, this last surgery is his twenty-first. He is trying to keep his chin up, but this has been a very devastating accident for him and his family. 

Friday, November 18, 2016, the Lincoln Memorial Library in Dennysville hosted the first of two evenings devoted to Mozart including the first part of the movie “Amadeus”. Guitarist Tim Pence performed a theme and variations based on a theme from Mozart’s opera, “The Magic Flute, ‘written for guitar by a musician from that era by the name of Fernando Sor and audience discussion.  The second Mozart night will be Friday, December 2nd at 6pm.

Choir members for this year’s Lessons and Carols will be going to Blue Hill on Saturday, December 3rd to rehearse the music with this year’s organist, Gerald Wheeler.  Wheeler has been heralded as a very accomplished accompanist and his work with the choir has been a good experience for all. The date for the performance will be posted in this column.

The workers at Lincoln Memorial library in Dennysville have installed a special light bulb which saves electricity if it is left on all of the time.  This light will be an advantage for those who lock and unlock the library in the early dark of winter.

Baileyville has had some big news lately.  Councilors are negotiating with Baring to make up for taxes not paid on the Industrial Park lots that are in Baring. All negotiations will be brought before the town voters before those discussions are finalized.  According to the town manager, Sergeants’ Company will be having a facility in town in the future, but he is not at liberty to disclose the location.  On the school front, some mistake has been made with the timing of the closing of grades and Woodland schedule does not match the Maine Principal’s Association dates.  Consequently, some athletes will be ineligible for winter sports.  I would hope that these problems can be worked out for the good of the students. Many of them live for sports and although I would be the first to say that that is not the school’s main objective, I would be the first to admit that sports are really a positive influence for many students.

Coming up on Saturday, December 3rd will be the St. Anne’s cookie sale. This is a wonderful chance to get a few bags of cookies for those relatives that have everything.  My aunts and Mother always loved the cookies…and they did not have to wait until Christmas to open them.

Also on Saturday, December 3rd, a holiday craft fair, baked goods sale and Chinese auction will be held at the Pembroke Elementary School.

A Happy Thanksgiving is wished for all.  Have a safe week.