Town News

Sally Doten


Have you recovered from Thanksgiving and all that food? Why do we do this to ourselves? We  cook all day on Wednesday, stuff ourselves on Thursday, and on Friday start eating the leftovers. We go way overboard for this tradition. I know we are all thankful for what we have but how does stuffing ourselves prove our gratefulness? Next year I’ll have a can of sardines and be thankful for it.

Families gathered all around the area this past week. The Hornbrooks entertained grandparents  Alan and Carole Smith and Sonny and Marcia Hornbrook along with daughters Alicia and Arielle and son Jacob. The babies made their appearance: Brydger and Sawyer with their daddies, Bryan Young and Ryan Polk.  Eddie and Evelyn had son Mark Olsson and her brother Coburn. Norma was unable to attend because of illness. Sonny and Rita Stewart had dinner with their daughter  Rich and Tammy Allen in Robbinston. There were only four at my table and that was enough for the day. Who else was in town? I don’t know but I hope everyone enjoyed their families.

Sending good wishes to Fran Johnson who is now a resident at Marshall Manor in Machias. Fran has been dealing with many health issues and falls so the doctors decided it was time to make a change. Hope good health returns soon, Fran. We are thinking of you and Terry.

Did you shop on Black Friday? I waited until 2:00 p.m. before attempting to enter a store. My first stop was Tractor Supply because I figured it would be the quietest place. Got some good deals there for Christmas gifts. I waited until after a late lunch with Judy Antoniello to enter Wal-Mart. It wasn’t too bad and I only needed meds and a few items to finish out the afternoon. Not a bad outing  for which I am a happy camper.

Glad to hear that Duane and Crystal McLellan finally sold there home in Calais. They will spend the winter at Pocomoonshine Lake. Hopefully, in the spring they will start their new home right here on the corner. 

Thinking of those battling illnesses and upsets: Joanne Wheelock, Dan LaCasse, Fran Johnson, Sandra Sherrard, Tammy Ramsdell, Eddie Noddin,  and Ann Brackett. Keep your spirits high and stay strong.