Baring Town Meeting

Submitted by Sally Doten


On November 15, 26 residents and 5 Baileyville officials met to discuss the errors in the town lines and lots at the Baileyville Industrial Park. Representing Baileyville were: Town Manager Rick Bronson, Police Chief Bob Fitzsimmons, Town Councilor Tim Call, Fire Chief John McPhee, and Assistant Chief Brandon Ireland. The Baring selectmen are: Mark Hornbrook, Tina Erskine, and Ray Faulkner. 

It was recently discovered that the design of the Industrial Park had some lots listed as 100% Baileyville property. Some of the lots had sold and Baileyville reaped the profits. Upon discovery of the errors, the Town Manager and First Selectman got together to see what could be done to "even out" this mistake. Several options were place on the table for the residents of Baring to discuss. Everything from plowing the roads to changing the property lines was suggested. 

The final decision was that Baileyville provide services to Baring at no cost.                                                                                                                                           

1) Baileyville will provide police and fire protection.                                                                      

2) The property lines of the Industrial Park will be “squared off.”

3) The Baring streets will be swept by the Baileyville Public Works Department.

4) Baring will be given a lot in the park to use or sell as they want

5) The Planation will receive $25,000 in cash to cover the discovered errors.

These options will be presented to Baring and Baileyville  at another town meetings to be held later; then after those meetings, the changes need to be approved by the State Legislature. 

Some of those present did not like the proposals. One comment was, “we don't want to be called “little Baileyville” or other such titles.” Some thought having the Border Patrol in town 24/7 gave us protection and Baileyville police weren't needed. Chief Fitzsimmons explained that Baring would not be in their regular patrol pattern but would be through town on occasion. Having the police simply meant that they would be our first-responders instead of having to wait for State Police or the Sheriff's Department. 

The above changes will not take place until approved by both communities. If you have questions, please contact Rick Bronson or Mark Hornbrook.