Kendall’s to Close After 23 Years

By Kaileigh Deacon


Main Street in Calais has seen many changes over the years as Calais itself has changed. For the last twenty-three years Kendall’s Fine Jewelers has been a constant on the Main Street but in January Kendall’s will be closing its doors.

Owner Jayne Johnston has been in the jewelry business since she was a kid growing up with her siblings working in her parents’ store which they owned for fifty years. When she moved to Calais she wanted to continue the family business while raising her own family.

 “It takes a community to raise a community and this community was wonderful to me and my kids. They supported me and they were just wonderful people I met. It’s just an emotional time because I had wonderful kids and a lot of other people helping me.” 

Kendall’s has been a constant on Main Street and many in Calais will be sad to see it go. It was not an easy decision for Johnston and it took a lot of thinking to come to the decision to close. 

 “It was a very hard decision to make. But I want to spend more time with my parents and kids,” Johnston said. “It is not because business was bad in anyway. I have no regrets about any of it.”

While Kendall’s may closing its doors the store may not be empty for too long. “We are working with the Economic Development committee to find someone to occupy the store, a jewelry store, because it would be very sad for Kendall’s to end. They’ve been helpful and we’re going to continue to work with them,” Johnston said. 

If you want to get in to Kendall’s you can see what they have to sales going on until the sale end mid-January. For many their holiday shopping always includes a stop into Kendall’s this year this will include an additional discount. Stop in a check out to see how they can support Kendall’s. 

“Hopefully this will help realize how important shopping locally is,” store manager Danielle Smith said. While Kendall’s may be closing their soon may be a new store to take its place. “I know someone will come in a put new life into it,” Johnston says. 

Though we will be sad to see Kendall’s close its doors we wish Jayne and all her employees the best in whatever the future holds for them. “I was very fortunate to move into a community that welcomed me,” Johnston said.

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