Town News

Linda Baniszeski


News alert!  The Meddybemps Bridge is completely finished.  This means we have lost our traffic lights -- making us once again a town without lights.  Actually, it means our peaceful, uncomplicated village has returned to normal.  The only lights from now on are the far more beautiful decorative and Christmas kind.

 Yes, it is December already! Christmas is only 25 days away, and it’s looking a lot more like it.  Our first snow was November 21.   We had a nice dusting on the ground the next morning. 

December birthdays in the week ahead include Sally Ketchen - December 1; Chris Gillespie - 4th; Lisa Lord - 7th; and Jason Gibson - 8th.  Birthday blessings to each of them.

 While shopping in Calais, I met up with Debbie Gordon.  She filled me in on what’s happening with daughter Amanda, who she and Carl recently visited in North Carolina.  While they were there, Amanda was sworn in for training with the U. S. Airforce to be an airplane loadmaster.  She is presently in boot camp at Lackland Air Force Base near San Antonio, Texas.  Her husband Matt remains in North Carolina, having just finished his time with the U. S. Marine Corps.  He’ll stay there until they know where Amanda will be stationed.  Congratulations Amanda, and best wishes in the new endeavors!  Thanks to Matt and Amanda for their service to our country.

 Although already gone by, the enjoyment of Thanksgiving celebrations lingers on in our hearts minds (and waist lines?).  We thoroughly enjoyed our day with dear friends and family.  Terry Reynolds place spilled over with family and friends for most of last weekend.  His brother Steve and wife are still here as I write this.  So nice to see lights in the windows of Terry’s beautiful guest apartment.

 Janet Wooding enjoyed a pre-Thanksgiving visit with family.  She shared that her daughter, “Clare and her husband Tim came to visit me.  We celebrated our Thanksgiving on the Sunday before Thanksgiving because they were going to his family on Thanksgiving day.  It was so wonderful to have them.”  She added, “Last week we also had  a pair of Evening Grosbeaks visiting on their way through, they only stayed around for a day.  A special sighting.”  I absolutely love the beauty of Evening Grosbeaks and their brilliant colors and unique characteristics.  If any visited our feeder, sadly we weren’t around to see them.

 Barry witnessed a scuffle between an attacking hawk and some blue jays at our feeder.  He said, “feathers were flying, but the hawk didn’t get any of the birds.”  Several weeks ago, he found a bunch of feathers under the boat trailer.  We still aren’t sure if it was an owl, hawk or cat that got the dove.

 I got to meet Linda and Terry “Skip” Carter while at McDonald’s last week with friends Issie Gibson, Judy Antonellio, Karen Hastings and Pam Price.  I regularly report on the Carter’s birthdays in this news item, but never spoke with them personally even though they live nearby in Meddybemps.  Of course, they are lovely people.  My friends and I usually have lunch at McDonald’s each Tuesday after Ladies Bible Study at Second Baptist Church.

 Terry Reynolds’ cat, Toby, is recovering from the infection he developed after a rumble with another animal.  Tammy Smith and Terry have been giving her tender loving care.  She is up and about, but still not in perfect health.  

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