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Sharon Frost



December flower: Narcissus

Birthstone: Turquoise

Get friends together for a wrapping party. Include the merry and no one will care if the gifts get wrapped or not.

Today, December 7th, is Pearl Harbor Day 

130th anniversary of Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument.

December 11th, 25th anniversary of Mary McLeod Bethune Council House National Historic Site.

Full Cold Moon on December 13th

December 13, 2003 - Saddam Hussein captured by U.S. Army Corps.

Carols in the Round - Mt. View Chamber Singers at St. Anne’s on December 9th at 7 pm.

Thinking of you, Ken Colson

Fred Currier was the lucky winner of the hospital Thanksgiving basket. I sold him the ticket.

I was reading where my 93 year old uncle, Carman Eldridge of St. Andrews, arrived for Remembrance Day Service that was held. Carmen signed up in 1939 with the Royal Canadian Navy Volunteer Reserves at the age of 17. He is very knowledgeable and loves to talk and have company.

The St. Croix Fire House 13th Annual Christmas Party is on December 10th at 5 pm.

What has two heads, four eyes, six feet, one tail and a long white beard?   Answer:  Santa Clause sitting on a reindeer!

I’ve been waiting for the date of Second Baptist Church Christmas Concert which will be on December 17th at 6:30. Plan to attend, it’s fabulous. The first American Prayer Book in 1789 replaced the four national days of the 1662 English Book of Common Prayer.

On December 9, 1880, the first shipment over the Grand Southern Railway to St. Stephen, was the massive polished granite columns and four plinths from the Bay of Fundy Granite Company, St. George, in transit to New York.

Cut the Cake: Joshua Vance, Brian Walton, Dr. Feiner, Dr. McHugh, Leo Look, Sonny Stewart, Sharon Goding, Cindy Richendollar, Luke Furtek, Mary McLellan, Nicole Cowett, Chris Gillespie, Sandra Skillman, Marcia Doyle, and Jean Johnson.

There was a wonderful Midnite Madness on Friday evening. The streets and parks were beautifully decorated with lights, the stores and streets were lined with people waiting for the parade. It was perfect. Camden National Bank float was spectacular as was the Lane Construction truck and trailer. A lot of work and thought went into it all. There were finger foods and soups, sweets, Cindy’s to die for fudge at the Attic. Cheese, crackers, dips, homemade cookies, candy canes, fruit and veggie trays and more. A lot of people made it all happen and we thank you.

My son and wife visited me from New Hampshire on Friday. What a surprise! We went up street into a few stores. They had never been in. They can’t wait to come back and browse again.

May’s Remembrance Service will be held this year at Second Baptist Church on December 7th at 6:30 pm.

Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground.

St. Anne’s Cookie Fair on Saturday was very successful. The raffle was won by Ed Stover. Craft tables were marked to 50% off, scarves, cat toys, childrens mittens and hats and much more. Thank you to all who attended and filled up their tubs with cookies. They were so festive. Christmas Eve services are as follows: Family Festival Eucharist 6:00 pm; 9:30 pm Carols and at 10 pm Christmas Festival. Christmas Day Holy Eucharist 9 am.

The ECW will gather at the beautifully decorated home of Patsy and David Beckett’s for ECW supper at 5:30 on December 13th. Pot luck, gift for our church kitchen. A great evening is planned.

Ken Colson is back in circulation and sang at Baring Baptist Church on Sunday. The kids birthday party for Jesus followed the worship service. On December 11th caroling and cookies/cocoa will be served.

December 18th Christmas Cantata and Children’s Pageant will take place at the am service. Candlelight service 6:30 Christmas eve.

A busy month, no need to be bored or depressed. Get dressed and get out and about. The lights are beautiful up town later in the day. Meet your friends and neighbors and window shop.

Sympathy to the McIninch family on the loss of their mother. Service on Thursday.

David and Patsy Beckett motored to Milo on Saturday to visit their grandson who was participating in the Christmas Concert.