Chefs of a Feather Pull Together

By Rob Patry 

When Chef Lisa Aronson broke her leg decorating a lamppost outside her restaurant The Five Kings the night before the Santa Claus Parade, she had no idea how the food service industry would pull together to support her. Less than a couple of weeks into opening, the former Executive Chef of the Algonquin Resort in St. Andrews knew this was going to be a difficult time. “It was a complex break that would require surgery, and a lengthy program of physiotherapy after. I was confident my team could handle it, but we are all so new at this. A new restaurant, new menu, new kitchen, new service staff.” The Kitchen Commandoes rallied. As soon as former colleague, friend and owner of Savour in the Garden, Kingsbrae Garden in Saint Andrews, Chef Alex Haun caught wind of the mishap; he jumped at the opportunity to help out. “That’s what we do here, it’s the Maritimes. We help and support each other,” says Chef Haun. According to The Five Kings Sous Chef Melanie Gullison who worked with Chef Haun said, “The Chef community is a close knit one. We're always ‘borrowing a cup of sugar’ from each other. It's great to have some of my St. Andrews kitchen family coming to my hometown! I'm really excited about this!” A special Table d’Haute menu and Picaroons beer pairing were offered through the weekend.