Community Christmas Tree Vandalized in Record Time

Calais kicked off the holiday season with the annual Lioness Parade, and the tree lighting in Triangle Park on Friday. The park was glowing with lights on both the stage and Christmas tree. By Monday morning, however, Triangle Park was dark again. Closer inspection showed that vandals had unplugged the power and removed some of the Christmas bulbs on the tree lighting. The person(s) in question had also unplugged the strand of lights high up in the tree. 

Andrew Tickle, Manager of Engineering at EMEC, repaired the lighting enough to illuminate part of the tree but was unable to finish connecting the uppermost branches from the ground.  

The city has surveillance cameras that will begin monitoring the downtown area. 

CDRC is offering a $100 reward for information leading to the apprehension of the person(s) responsible for the damage to the lights.