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Dave McCullough


This past week I had the opportunity to have breakfast with the Farm Cove Hermit at the Miss Brunswick Diner. A great time to catch up on all the goings on and tales of this past summer and things to look forward to in 2017! Many of our reflections focused on events sponsored by the Grand Lake Stream ATV Club. We shared a few pictures and he pontificated on cameras in the following manner. “WHERE HAVE ALL THE CAMERAS GONE?  Reflections from the Hermit:  After 5 months of TV abstinence at Farm Cove, it didn’t take long to overdose. While I enjoy watching football I wonder why it takes 3 hours to play a 1 hour game.  The answer is 700 ads ( I counted them).  Networks can use up to 1/3 of their air time for advertising.  These ads are designed to reach an audience with a 6th grade education.  To create interest and demand TV pitchmen urge viewers to “up-grade and get what you deserve”.  Fake critics tell us we must “see-read-have-experience”.  I prefer to make my own choices.  Consider this:  No matter what gadget, device or appliance that is promoted, it will soon be replaced or obsolete by a “new-different –improved” version.  This strategy is known as planned obsolescence.  For example, I have owned 12 different cameras which does not include my cell phone camera (which I don’t know how to use).  Some years ago I decided to quit trying to keep pace with the various advances in technology.  I now believe my time and money is better spent – mountainous land-fills support my position.  Thought for today is “use it, wear it out, make do or go without”!”

Here is some great news about the Grand Lake Stream ATV Club!

Happy Holidays from the Grand Lake Stream ATV Club December 2016

Our club is pleased to announce the completion of our two year, $35,000, Recreational Trails Grant. We celebrated in late September with a Tour Our Trails weekend. We had 25 people ride the trails that weekend and over 100 attended our lasagna supper, Grand Lake Stream Strumming Wildcat ukulele performance, and our bingo extravaganza. It was a great evening of fun and celebration. 

Our trails are in great shape and the sign project, done in conjunction with the GLS Snowmobile Club is complete. Our goal was to reduce the clutter of signs in the woods and have accurate/clear signs, and combined ATV and snowmobile signage where possible. 

During the past two years, we have had 21 volunteers donate over 270 hours of time to our trails. Their time and efforts are greatly appreciated. We have also utilized additional state grant funds totaling $15,000 in the past two years. We are proud of be part of these grant initiatives which help us provide safe and high quality recreational opportunities for those living and visiting our beautiful area.

Our meetings will resume in May and are held the fourth Thursday of each month at the school building from 7-8 P.M. We welcome all to join in and look to you to provide suggestions for social and ATV riding trips for next season. Our club is a member of ATV Maine and we have insurance coverage for our club officers and events. This year our officers are as follows:

Sue LaPlante, President, Bruce Minner, Vice-President, Patty Weeks, Secretary and Web Master, Carole Minner, Treasurer, Al LaPlante, Trail Master

Their leadership allows the club to move forward and be accountable for all the landowner relations, grant funding, state paperwork, communications, and club membership. It involves a significant amount of time and we thank them for their fine work. 

Some of this year’s activities held included: a multiple day ride in St. Agatha, overnight to Machias and the Sunrise trail system, moonlight ride, ATV safety course and a community cleanup in conjunction with the Downeast Lakes Land Trust, a ride to Schoolhouse Restaurant, Dutch oven event, Trail Smoker Celebration, Octoberfest, and a ride to the Waite General Store. We are in the planning stages for 2017 and would love to have your suggestions and input. Please email Sue LaPlante with your suggestions.

Each of our landowners were recognized for their contributions to promoting recreational use with a framed first edition print. These include Downeast Lakes Land Trust, Wagner, Woodland Pulp, and the town of Grand Lake Stream. Without their support, we would not enjoy the benefit of riding throughout our area. Our best wishes for good health, happiness, and safe riding in 2017!

On Friday, December 16th, Downeast Lakes Land Trust is hosting a new count circle for the 117th annual Christmas Bird Count.  Sponsored by The Audubon Society, the Christmas Bird Count is the oldest citizen science initiative in the nation.  Interested birders must contact DLLT Education and Outreach Manager Colin Brown at (207) 796 – 2100 or email

Have a great week! Send in info about your events and activities so the column readers can be up to date with their friends.

Your Humble Correspondent, Dave McCullough, or 207-839-4205