Let It Snow

By Rob Patry 

Well, it appears the snow gods have bestowed the first snowfall upon us. White, fluffy and pristine. This is my first winter in St. Stephen, so my point of reference is the “big city”. Metropolis snow is perfect after the first fall, for the first hour, after which it turns gray and sooty from pollutants and automobile exhaust. The salt on the roads dumped by gigantic trucks deteriorates the pavement, concrete and even Fido’s sensitive paws. In this area, however, the fir trees in the yard along with the streets and lanes remind me of how beautiful it is here. Watching thick, soft flakes fall gently to earth against the backdrop of street lights remind me of how blessed we are to live in this part of the world. No super highways clogged with inexperienced drivers meandering lanes in cars complete with bald summer radials. No multi-tiered shopping malls congested beyond belief with angst-wielding shoppers prepared to do whatever it takes to get the shopping done. No grocery store parking lots converted to Christmas tree farms selling the latest version of their reasonably priced semi-dry evergreens. The big city may be frightful, but in the St. Stephen/Calais area, it’s so delightful!