A New Name for an Ever-Growing County

By Rob Patry


Rumblings of a new name for Charlotte-Campobello started last month, and on Monday, December 5th at the constituency office in St. Stephen, the official announcement became public. The name, effective immediately, will be Saint Croix.  “It is important that a riding name is inclusive to the area it represents,” said Government House Leader Rick Doucet. “Three ridings, including the riding I represent, Fundy-The Isles-Saint John West, had their names changed following the final report of the Electoral Boundaries Commission in 2014 to make them more representative of their regions.” On hand for the announcement along with Mr. Doucet was McAdam Mayor Ken Stannix, St. Stephen Mayor Allan MacEachern, Campobello Mayor Stephen Smart, and St. Andrews Mayor Doug Naish.  Doucet continued, “I congratulate my colleague, Tourism, Heritage and Culture Minister John Ames, for seeing the value of a riding name that better characterizes the area he represents and for pursuing the name change.”

John Ames said, “We are very pleased to have our electoral district renamed, inscribing a significant part of our region’s history and landscape, the Saint Croix watershed, into our electoral district’s namesake.” All involved felt the new name reflected a more focused beginning for the region, and a revitalized commitment from the involved towns to pull together. “We have the same stake in this,” said Ames. “Success through hard work and determination for all to benefit from is our mandate.”