Town News

Kathy Mekelburg


November Weather Summary for Robbinston: November was very mild and very dry. The monthly mean temperature of 40.8 degrees was 3.2 degrees above normal. This was the 3rd warmest November in 23 years of record. It was beaten only by 41.8 degrees in 2006 and 41.0 degrees in 2011. Maximum temperature of 61 degrees occurred on the 14th, while the minimum of 26 degrees occurred on the 29th. This minimum was the highest for November, beating 25 degrees set in 2006. Normal November monthly minimum is 17 degrees. There were 14 days with minimum - freezing or below. There were 719  heating degree days or 97 below normal. Total since July stands at 1345 or 284 below normal.

Total precipitation of only 2.83 inches was 2.53 inches below normal. This was the 3rd driest November beaten only by 2.63 inches in 2001 and 2.69 inches in 2012. Total since January is only 40.03 inches or 9.49 inches below normal. This eleven month figure is the lowest since 39.07 inches in 2004. Maximum daily amount was .78 inches on the 29th. There were 12 days with measurable precipitation. Snowfall totaled 0.9 inches or 3.2 inches below normal. Maximum daily amount was 0.6 inches on the 21st. Maximum snow depth was an inch on the 21st and 22nd.

Highest barometer was 30.51 inches on the 7th, while the minimum was 29.25 inches on the 20th. Mean relative humidity was 86.1 per cent. Prevailing winds were west. Peak gust was 36 mph on he 11th, 12th and 23rd. There were 5 clear days, 6 partly cloudy days, and 19 cloudy days. Daytime sky cover averaged 74 percent. Dense fog occurred on the 16th.

Autumn (Sept - Nov): Mean temperature was 50.5 degrees pr 2/5 degrees above normal. This figue ties 2011 for the warmest autumn on record. Precipitation came to only 8.23 inches or 7.57 inches below normal. This was the driest autumn on record beating 8.46 inches set in 2001. Snowfall totaled 0.9 inches or 3.5 inches below normal.

The Robbinston Community Foundation is holding a contest on the best decorated house in town. The winner will be announced on December 23rd and will receive a small cash prize.