Watch for Winter Moths


Be on the watch for Winter Moth and encourage your friends and family to become nature detectives as well.

Why Watch? Because winter moths:

Are non-native invasive insects. (Introduced to N. America from Europe in the 1930s.)

Have no natural predators in N. America to keep the population in check.

Until recently were not in Maine, now likely introduced into Maine as cocoons in the soil of landscape trees and plants from infested areas in southern New England.

When & What to Look For:

Adult winter moths are active from late November to January whenever the temperature is above freezing. 

Males are small, light brown to tan moths.  They are attracted to lights and a pheromone released by the females. 

Female adults are small, gray, with reduced wings and flightless. They are most commonly found crawling at the base of trees.

Report winter moths you see: