Town News

Sharon Frost



Tuesday was Full Cold Moon: In seed time learn; in harvest, teach; in winter, enjoy.

December 15th - Bill of Rights Day

December 16th - 1944 Germans launch Battle of the Bulge.

December 21st - Winter begins. Celebrate the sun’s return. After the winter solstice, the nights grow shorter and the days grow longer.

Tippy Mulligan of PEI passed away last week for those in the area who knew him.

The Hospital Auxiliary held a short meeting and Christmas party at Karen’s Diner last week. A wonderful roast beef supper with all the fixings was served. Gifts were exchanged for all who brought one., 50/50 draw was Mae Berry. Door prizes were also drawn.  By the time it was ready to leave, the snow was falling. A beautiful sight.

Jean Johnson celebrated her birthday last Wednesday with her granddaughters and daughter-in-law at the Wickachee. A lovely vase of fresh flowers  were delivered to her. Gifts were presented following meal, then it was off to bingo. I haven’t heard if she was lucky. 

On Saturday, I attended uncle Carius 94th birthday party in St. Andrews.  His son Terry was present from Moncton, oldest sister Shirley Quigley, family, cousins and several nieces and nephews. Carin wanted baked beans, johnny cake, salad, rolls and a birthday cake. Received many lovely cards and gifts. Now he’s planning his 95th. He will receive his 70 year pin from the Legion on Tuesday.

Lots of comments on Mays Remembrance Service last Wednesday at Second Baptist Church. They do a fantastic job. We are so lucky to have such a couple of hard working young, good looking, men for the business. Thanks for all the extras you do.

I also heard a lot of feedback on the “Irish” Christmas Concert last Sunday at Calais High School. You do a good job, Tom, on getting it all together and having it happen.

The annual Christmas candy and fudge sale, teddy bear basket raffle will be held at the R&M IGA on Saturday, December 17th at 10:00 am.

The Christmas Cantata at Kirk McCall Church is on Sunday, December 18th at 7:00 pm (Can). Refreshments will be served following the beautiful music.

Second Baptist will hold an evening of music with singers from the St. Croix Valley followed by food and fellowship at 6:30 U.S. on Saturday, December 17th.

Thank God for Christmas, the birthday, the gift of his Son who loved us so much that he spent His too-short life teaching us to love one another and then died for us. May the loving Spirit of Christmas stay a glowing ember in our hearts always.

Cut the Cake: Joan Perry, Norma VanDevander, Karen Thomas, Heidi Williams, Judy Thompkins, Beth DiCenzo, Matthew Beckett, Beth Doten, Carole Smith, Jeff Doten, Isaiah Burden, Linda Wentworth, Jadyn Marina Spearin, Jo Ellen Leeman, Tammi Smith, Megan Lord, Skip Carter.

Alan and Carole Smith will celebrate an anniversary on December 22nd.  All the best.

Sister Judy of Moncton spent the weekend with her sister PamYardley. I’m sure they did some shopping.