CRH Births

October Births

10-10-16: To Judy Lola and Johnathan Oliver of Indian Twp, a  girl, Ohana Violet Honey Oliver.

10-16-16: To Elisha Renaud and Jason Johnson of Baileyville,a boy, Hunter Lee Johnson.

10-19-16: To Felicia and Kendall Santerre of Princeton, a boy, Andre James Santerre.

10-21-16:  To Hayley Stanhope and Jerry Lingley II of Pembroke, a girl. Alice Beverly Lingley.

November Births

11-12-16: To Gena and Ben Maloney of Calais, a boy, Xander Avery Maloney.

11-15-16: To MacKenzie Hansen of Baileyville, a boy, Barrett Nicholas Hansen.

11-17-16: To Heather and Nathan Harriman of Lambert Lake, a boy, Eastin Lane Harriman.

11-16-16: To Kendra Thompson and Erik Robitaille of Lambert Lake a girl, Emily Rose Robitaille.

11-20-16: To Sasha and Bryan Andrews of Baileyville, a girl, Rowan Cheryl Janel Andrews.

11-26-16: To Noelle Uhl, and Joel Washburn of Eastport, a girl, Lillian LeeAnne Washburn.